NHS let down

I have gum disease and was told this by an NHS dentist about eight years ago and some of my teeth are loose and I find it very hard to eat and have a lot of pain. I visited an NHS dentist last year I paid for a check up and the dentist confirmed again I had gum disease and it was bad but I was not offered any treatment I was not offered a clean the dentist asked me to make another check up appointment after asking me three times if I was depressed and I answers no the three times I was asked but before I made the appointment I let the dentist know I was anxious about going to the dentist. I haven't got the money to be making check up after check up is this normal procedure for the NHS???

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  • Where do you live? Your gp should be able to refer you to an nhs dental hospital.

  • Hi I live on Merseyside Moreton thanks I will try my doctors.

  • I had similar issues and gp sorted it. Good luck 👍

  • A go will not be able to help with your teeth or gums. Ask your dentist to either treat your gum disease or can he refer you to a periodontist in the dental hospital . It could be considered supervised neglect if he just leaves it.

    Also do not rely on corsodyl mouthwash as it can mask problems and stain your teeth. Maybe see another dentist for a second opinion.

  • My gp referred me to the dental hospital !!