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Under 19 in full time education dentist charges

My daughter recently paid for her NHS dentist checkup. She is 18 and still in full time education at college but has a weekend job. According to the NHS Choices web site, she should be exempt charges as she is under 19 and in full time education. I haven't found anything to the contrary. So my question is, should she have been charged?

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If under 19 and in full time education she should be exempt. She should hv signed a blue form (FP17) and signed to say she was in full time education. Did she do this?

How much did she pay? Current NHS charge for exam is £20.60.

Sometimes errors are made. Speak to the Practice.

If she had a (private) hygiene service - there may hv been a charge for that? Hygiene services are not covered by NHS - other than a basic scale and polish.


Thanks for the reply Lemontarty. I wasn't present at the time. Apparently the dentist said she was exempt but his dental assistant said she had to pay. I've been away from home and haven't yet spoken in person to my daughter. Once I get the full story I will speak to the practice as you have suggested.


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