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Implant or not

I had to get 4 front tooth removed as they had decayed.. one5 dentist told me that if I don't get the tooth replaced, the nearby tooth will be impacted. They will start becoming loose and will become weak. Is that true? Currently I am not feeling strong enough for tooth implant as my gums and bones are weak due to mid age women problem. What are the risk if I leave the mouth toothless for few more months till I become strong enough.

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Perhaps u might want to use a straw when drinking juice . This is my situation. I had gum problem which I now know to be medium periodontal diseases and burning mouth syndrome for the past three months now on my tongue, roof of my mouth, and my gums . I have been to several dentists and they can't seem to Identify what the root causes are. So I read on Google to take vitamin c called optisama 1000 Milligram a day dissolved in a glass of water . I started yesterday a bit of relieve this morning . Also brush your mouth twice a day and do not rinse the tooth paste out of your mouth which was what I tried yesterday for the first time before going to bed my symptom seem to have reduced but too early to say .

Alway use straw to avoid corroding your teeth. Since orange juice contain acid .

I use staw on any liquid now .

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Why don't you try dentures if your bones are weak? One of my friends has undergone dental implant procedure recently from a clinic in Whitby ( appletondental.ca/services/... ). I don't know the details of this procedure but I have heard that jaw bones should be strong to get dental implants.

If you are leaving it untreated it will affect other teeth. It would be better to use dentures rather than making the situation worse.

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1.) If you had to have teeth removed recently, you probably have active disease in your mouth - no dentist will give you implants until this condition in under control & treated. Additionally, implants cannot be given to anyone - you must have good quality and quantity of bone. It's also an incredibly invasibe, SURGICAL procedure.

2.) Yes your adjacent teeth can drift & tilt, but no they won't 'become loose or weak'

3.) Get some partial dentures to replace your teeth for now, later you can ask your dentist to advise you about bridges or implants

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