Tmj and tingling

Hey everyone I've been to see about 7 doctors and a dentist and they all say I have tmj I have a had scans and mri and bloodwork done I am 24 years old and I wanted to know if anyone with tmj has ever had a weird pulling tingling sensation in the lips around the mouth,jaw and cheeks this is freaking me out and doctors can't figure it out I also get the burning pains on one side of my face but the tinggling pulling sensation is on both sides it kind of feels like when you go to the dentist and have your mouth open for to long weird I know just seeing if anyone has ever had this before

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  • Tmj is the joint in your jaw which everyone has.

  • Hi there, I was recently diagnosed with burning mouth syndrome, think this is your tingling etc, your oral surgeon should have heard of it, can't get pain free at the moment but early days.