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How long will it take to complete the root canal procedure?



While I was at my friend's home, I slipped down the stairs. I fell down about five to six steps and landed on my back. I was really hurt. The back pain lasted a few days after consuming medicines from an orthopedic surgeon nearby. Then I consulted a dentist as my tooth got damaged during the fall. He suggested that I should undergo root canal treatment and then carry out the crowning process.

He assured that with invent of modern techniques and anesthetics, patients feel to be more comfortable and relaxed during the entire procedure. The doctor suggested to carry out a digital dental x-ray from a clinic in Kitchener before the treatment. (

) So that, he will get an idea about the roots. So, I'm planning to fix an appointment as early as possible. Will the root canal be painful? How long will it take to complete the procedure? Can I drive myself home after the procedure? Please help me clear doubts!

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how convenient that you name dropped a clinic.