How well do you feel your rheumatoid arthritis has been managed over the last year?

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  • I am pleased with the medication I am taking!!!!!!!

  • What are you taking? I have been on Humera and Simponi combined with Prednizone and Naproxyn the past year and they both aren't working like I would like them.

  • I have a good medical team but I have many allergies and am very prone to infections, limiting what medications I can take. Despite this, I have a very caring RA doc and his nurse, as well as a very caring Primary Care doc. They work together to help me.

  • Well-managed. I am on low dose naltrexone, with other complementary therapy. Compared to my condition eight months ago, the response has far exceeded expectations. I have a fantastic naturopath who is guiding my treatment and ordering tests to objectively verify my improvement. I can now work, including walking cross-country and driving limited distances. My only reasons for not saying "very well managed" is that I'd like to do even better, I'm still in the severe RD category according to my Vectra tests (but just barely now), and I do still have limitations and symptoms, both temporary and permanent. But I'm not dead, which is where I was heading, so I'm very happy.

  • Not well managed. I am coming off steroids and taking plaquenil to stop the progression of RA. Just this week I started the 'no processed food' diet which as it turns out, is the biggest help since my initial severe RAdiagnosis in April 2013.