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Has COVID-19 delayed your ability to get screened for colorectal (bowel) cancer?

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Hi nicole, yes it's me again!! Some almost 11 years ago I had colon cancer and 7 inches

Of my bowel was removed. I was informed that after 10 years there is a possibility of it returning and would need to be investigated again. However, my surgeon who operated on me had put my name on the waiting list for an colonoscopy. However, I received a letter about a month ago from the hospital advising that a colonoscopy will no longer be performed after the age of 75 (I am 84 in January). It would appear my fate is sealed when it comes to choice. Am extremely stressed and depressed at this time.

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Nicole_GCCAPartner in reply to mybirdbuddie

Hello mybirdbuddie , I'm sorry to hear that you got that letter determining that you can't get the screening. It sounds like this is a business decision and doesn't take into account that "scan-xiety" (scan anxiety) is very real for cancer survivors. The fear and anxiety that the cancer has returned is something that so many people live with their entire lives and may get some relief for a period of time when they have a clean scan or screening. You are unfortunately being denied this medical screening which I'm sure can have a very real impact on your mental health.

Is appealing this decision a possibility? Is there a patient-advocate office at the hospital? Many hospitals have them, but it can be hard to find them.

My experience is that being the squeaky wheel can make a big difference in procedures/screenings getting approved.

Can you contact the hospital to see if there is a patient advocate department that you can speak with?

Again, I'm sorry you are going through this and for the anxiety and depression this is causing.

We're here for you.

~Nicole @ GCCA

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Yes I have been unable to get a colonoscopy for around 6 months now

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Nicole_GCCAPartner in reply to Wexford1968

Wexford1968 - I'm so sorry to hear this. How often has your doctor said that you'll be getting a colonoscopy to monitor and ensure you are cancer free? Will it be annually? If COVID-19 had not happened, when would you have been scheduled to get your colonoscopy?

Again, I'm sorry I'm sure this is causing you anxiety.

Hang in there,

Nicole @ GCCA

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Wexford1968 in reply to Nicole_GCCA

I’m supposed to get one every 6 to 12 months for 5 years but because of vivid 19 instead of a colonoscopy I got a ct scan and a blood test, which came back clear thank god.they are trying to organise a colonoscopy but I don’t know when that will happen I haven’t had any anxiety because there is nothing I can do about it plus I feel healthy. There is no point getting worked up because there is nothing I can do about it. And there probably a lot of people in my situation

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Nicole_GCCAPartner in reply to Wexford1968

Wexford1968 - you have an amazing attitude and I appreciate you participating in the community and sharing your experience and giving advice to others on this online community. Glad to hear you were able to get the CT and blood test and that they came back clean!

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Wexford1968 in reply to Nicole_GCCA

I was due a colonoscopy about 2 months ago . The doctor did say after my operation I would get a colonoscopy every 6 to 12 months. I had one about 14 months ago but over covid19 I haven’t had one since. But my nurse assured me she is trying her best to organise it asap.i have just had a blood test and ct scan 2 months ago and everything came back clear. So I feel good about that. Thanks for your concern

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In june I was 60th so shud of been sent out the testing kit as advised .still waiting .

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Nicole_GCCAPartner in reply to Haptonvalley

Haptonvalley , thanks for responding. If they are sending you a kit to do in your home, I would hope that COVID-19 wouldn't impact their ability to send it to you -- so sorry to hear this! Can you contact your specialist to find out when they will send the kit to you?

~Nicole @ GCCA

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Wexford1968 in reply to Haptonvalley

If I had waited until my 60th birthday I would be dead now , I’m 52 and got cancer at 50. If you think there is something wrong get a colonoscopy asap

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I am already in the system as have ulcerative colitis but I've found despite covid all my appts are coming through much quicker, 3 week wait for cholescystectomy op and 2 week wait for colonoscopy, consultant letters are also arriving quickly, the only downside is the telephone appts which for patients with chronic conditions is not ideal.

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Hi Nicole my colonoscopy was cancelled in March rescheduled for July and my bowel resection in August due to bowel cancer

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Nicole_GCCAPartner in reply to Tatty10

HI Tatty10 , thanks for responding. Was your colonoscopy that was moved from March to July, the colonoscopy that diagnosed you with colorectal (bowel) cancer?

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Tatty10 in reply to Nicole_GCCA

Yes then surgery happened pretty soon after in the August