Welcome to CMPA Action!

Cow´s Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA) Action Group is a group for moms and dads who have or are going dairy-free for the sake of their babies, as well as for their relatives. Of course dairy free kids are more than welcome and all the people who are looking for support, dialogue, and questions answered actively.

My name is Lucia, I am 29 years old and the mother of Jorge, who was born with CMPA, and thanks God now, 15 months old Jorge is free from cow´s milk protein allergy. That is why I would like to share here with you this platform where you'll find the experiences, advices and all the support from now on that we can provide to this growing community of dairy free kids.

Thanks to all you Dairy-Free women and men that will make this group a success. We hope that you will find the answers, support, and friendship you are seeking! We will looking for support, latest news, new ideas, recipes, conversation, and we want to create the perfect place where you can share your story.

Lucia and Jorge

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Hi Lucia, Glad to see you take charge!

I am sure you will be a good support for those who need it here,

keep up the good work,