Chronic Myofascial Pain


Hello, I thought I would get the ball rolling by introducing myself - I am the founding admin for this community, my name is Grace, I am 39, and I live in the beautiful city of Edinburgh in Scotland. 

I have been experiencing chronic pain for 3 years now, and it has only been in the last 8 months that I have been able to identify myofascial and emotional issues to be the root cause of my pain. Since self diagnosing my condition, I have become hugely interested in the how fascia plays such an important part in the functions of the body, and the inextricable role that emotions play in our health, in general (the whole mind body connection). 

I have been shocked by, and at times despairing of, the lack of understanding some medical professionals have about chronic myofascial pain, and at the lack, or limited range, of treatments available. 

In a world where many of us have to traverse a lengthy and painful journey to get any answers, never mind relief, I am hoping this community will provide support, information, and advice to help smooth the path.

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Hi good to meet you...its dreadful isnt it..i was diagnosed 7 months ago with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome..aka RSDS...its hit my face now...awww....its condition originally started after a dreadful broken wrist and arm...i havnt a clue how to deal with it...i actually have pain where i have had 2 the teeth are there...and then the burning...ouch...i have heard mirror box therapy can work..?...pain killers do nothing for me...i know stress exacerbates it..probably high cortisol...its become relentless now...did you find it kind of started bit at a time then became full blown....sorry if i sound somewhat confused by it all...frankly I am....kind regards to you..Jacky


Hi Jacky, it is all very confusing, and pretty dreadful! I am so sorry you have not yet found any relief or ways to deal with it all. There's really not a whole lot the medical professionals (well most of them, there are exceptions) can do, as they don't even understand what causes these chronic pain conditions themselves, which leaves us feeling pretty despairing at times....My pain started off intermittently, just in my back, and I just thought it was due to having a dodgy chair at work, but then it became chronic, and got worse and worse over time...I now have pain / tension / discomfort in many parts of my body, but I have recently found something that I think may resolve things over time - it's called 'Hanna Somatics', and it works by re-establishing control of muscles which have for whatever reasons developed what is called Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA). I don't know anything about CRPS, but I think most people with chronic pain have SMA, in fact almost everyone in western society does to some extent, due to our lifestyle... If you google it you will find out a bit more about it, and if you are interested to learn more I can point you in the direction of some great websites, and youtube tutorials..thank you so much for replying to my post, and sharing a bit about your experience :-)

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I just read your reply to Jackie and found you have acquired quite abit of knowledge yourself . I found your knowledge of SMA to be very interesting. I find a combination of a lot of treatments together provide me with the best results: and everyone responds differently to different treatments, so there isn't a one size fits all answer. I use a combination of exercise, nutrition, deep tissue trigger point massage and injections; along with medications and anything else I can find. I've tried a lot of different things. It took me nearly 4 years to get diagnosed but once I was diagnosed, they are right. I finally admit this because I fought the diagnosis itself. I was convinced they were wrong!


Hi Grace - My name is Terianne and I too suffer from tremendous pain from several different injuries over my lifetime. I am now 55 and have lived in chronic pain now since 1997!! If you can believe that! Since one of the more traumatic injuries I suffered affects my right shoulder, trapezoid, neck, brachial plexus region, shoulder blade, spine, right arm and hand... it is very painful for me to use my right arm and hand so typing on the computer is very painful for me but, I can help guide you some in your search for answers concerning the pain you suffer. In other words I empathize with you! My journey has been long and sometimes intolerable, but I am still here so it must be for some reason?


I wish you well on your journey. This field needs much attention. If there is a way to sub divide to include Pelvic Myofascial/ Connective Tissue Pain there is much need to draw attention and bring info it is well needed