Christmas Fair!

Christmas Fair!

In Luckley House School's Christmas Fair competition, our team managed to raise over 100 pounds by selling chocolate fountain, handmade bath bombs and soaps! As a winner of the competition, we also won the chance to donate 200 pounds to the charity PACE. PACE is a ground-breaking children’s charity that transforms the lives of children and young people with motor disorders, such as cerebral palsy.

I will update more information on this soon! :)

7 Replies

  • That sounds great!!! Please would I be able to share this??

  • happy Christmas to all :D

  • congratulation! excited for any updates!!!

  • whoop! whoop! waiting for updates!

  • I will post it on the newsfeed!

  • I am sorry that there is a slight delay on update but as soon as i hear anything back i will post it!

  • Well Done!! xx

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