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Heart burn / banding

Hi all . Just had my first lot of banding done last week and it was not a pleasant experience!! But the heart burn and the acid crippled me for 2 days and know on the 4th day lots better but still burping (horrible).ive just been taking the off the self meds , I'm going back in a month and does anyone know if it's possible to take anything to make it better before the next procedure! And how long does it take for this burping to stop . Thank you

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Have you been prescribed a proton pump inhibitor such as Omeprazole? It reduces your stomach acid production and therefore reduces acid reflux/heart burn which is torture when you have portal hypertension and varices. My hubby been taking omeprazole since first diagnosis as he used to get horrendous 'indigestion' but in reality it was portal hypertensive gastritis and his oesophageal damage. If you arn't already on one it might be worth enquiring about. Also, my hubby found he had to cut out all citris and acidic food as he would literally be bent double in agony after anything like coleslaw, fruit juices, pickles etc.



Unfortunately the burping is a side effect of the banding procedure. It happens because they pump air into you to be able to see the veins better. The first one I had done was agony afterwards- I took codeine and paracetamol for the pain. I was already on Omeprazole, so that didn't make any difference for me. Burping varies depending on how much air they pumped into you. I told my consultant that I had a lot of pain and no pain relief was provided (for my first procedure), so the next time I had it, there was much less of this side effect and definitely not the same level of pain (thankfully). I always ask to speak to my consultant before each procedure now, so I can give him feedback from the last time. All the best for the next one:)


Thank you very much . Very helpful. Kind regards

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