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Were you aware of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer or you became aware only after a near or dear one suffered from breast cancer

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I was reading a magazine and tried to self examine. I first learned about breast cancer when I faced it myself. Through me, my friends, my family, and a lot of people learned that breast cancer is as real as it is in the statistical information displayed by many awareness campaigns.

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I only noticed a lump in the mirror when I came out of the shower, but I was too busy looking after my father and mother -father had kidney cancer and mum had demetia, was more worried about them than my Heath!! By the time I went to GPs I needed a mastectomy and had chemo and radio therapy- and now after over 5 years still suffering side effects - in pain every day!!!

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We can understand your situation, Dido. But why the pain? Some side effects do linger over time, but most settle. Let us know what is your concern and we may be able to help you.