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Which of the following best describes the events which led to your diagnosis?

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No symptoms, was having an annual mammogram due to dcis diagnosis 5 years ago

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Family history.

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Called for 3yearly mammogram offered to over 50's. No symptoms at all and consultant couldn't feel the breast lump even though he could see where it was on the screen.

I was very very lucky.

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No symptoms but felt a lump whilst in the bath. Knew straight away

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Rattyp in reply to snugx

Same as me but I was in the shower x

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Felt a lump while in the shower. Phoned the GP straight away. My mother had two benign cysts when she started her menopause; I was much older but hoped it would be the same but in my case, it was breast cancer.

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No symptoms, no lump. Just responded to my first ever mammogram invite at 53years

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Sallypearl in reply to H2109

Exactly the same as me. X

I noticed a thickening of the breast tissue on my right rather than a lump, and my nipple slightly pointed down compared to left side, GP wasn't concerned but referred me to hospital breast clinic due to some family history, tests showed to be BC.

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No symptoms just found a lump.... Went to doctor asap who said it was nothing to worry about....  

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Bajan77 in reply to Maz1965

Snap.... he called me personally to apologise. Said he weren't expecting it. Referrral to hospital was for reassurance and peace of mind... Total opposite ... was the beginning of my life changing ordeal

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No symptoms,founo a lump while in shower,went to doctor and was seen at breast clinic in hospital 2 days later.

Maz1965 profile image

I had no symptoms apart from a lump....

caroland53 profile image

Had a scan for other health issue. Consultant referred me to breast clinic as he saw something suspicious. Breast clinic performed mammogram and told me it was okay. Ten months later I felt lump in the same place. Back to same breast clinic, another mammogram, ultrasound and then biopsies. Result was breast cancer. So angry they missed it a year ago!

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I was feeling good ,examing myself when i found a lump

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GP said.. "nothing to worry about.. doesnt feel sinister.. Fatty tissue or cyst... Referred me for peace of mind n because he had too... Later discovered stage 3 which ended in bilateral masectomy within 4wks of seeing GP.

Found a lump, went to GO. sent for mammogram

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No symptoms no lumps just responded to a letter from a mobile screening that would in the area had turned 50 so thought it was time for an MOT..thank goodness

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shazmill in reply to lizzyHZ

Same here

Chellebelle1 profile image

A routine mammogram....and with in 2 weeks, stage 4 Invasive lobular Breast Cancer

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Given the all clear for breast cancer in December 2016, but then diagnosed in February with a rare cancer in February 2017. Thank goodness my consultant was persistent and ordered more tests.

I felt the lump, but left it for a few weeks. Told my husband who packed me straight off to the doctor. She examined me and got me in the Breast clinic the following week. Mammogram, manual check then biopsy. As soon as they found the second tumour in my lymph nodes I knew I had cancer. That was in 2012. Had Mastectomy and sentinal lymph removal. Also had vascular invasion. 3cm Grade 3 ductal invasive carcinoma, stage 2b, ER +, PR +. FecT, but no radio because of Bronchiectasis. Been on Anastrazole 4 years, still NED.

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I felt a lump right below the nipple as I was fighting to get my bra on right, as soon as I felt it, I knew it was a cancer lump right away

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Found a hardness in breast and thought it different to other breast. Saw my doctor and was referred to Breast unit where I was told 90% certain it was something nasty. 1 week later officially diagnosed as cancer then began the journey. Total shock as no family history, never smoked, don’t drink much and was relatively healthy! Thank god my consultant was on the ball.

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I was 47 and noticed a small crease under my nipple, over 12 months I saw my gp 3 times and without examining me was told it was just a part of getting older - you get creases, and I wasn't the type of person who gets cancer. Then I found a lump and was told is was an effect of progesterone. I also had a routine screening mammogram and told the radiologist about the crease but was given the all clear. After my diagnosis it was rechecked and slight thickening was found. After a lot of nagging from a good friend who lost his mother in law to breast cancer I eventually saw a different gp who examined me and referred me immediately. That was 2 years ago. In march this year breast cancer was found in my spine and hips - but only as a result of a orthopaedic consultant doing a MRI after The gp diagnosed arthritis and gave me an exercise sheet, I saw the consultant privately, I couldn't get hold of my oncologist or the breast care nurses. Now back on chemo but feel very let down. I have also lost 3 aunts on my mother's side to breast cancer and an uncle to prostate cancer, which I kept telling the GP and oncologist.

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RWGR in reply to Julie2233

Appalling. Doctors vigilance varies. They very often feel reluctant to refer patients for further tests. Plus no accountability in NHS sector. Mine stage 3 was diagnosed exactly two years after seeing my GP given false reassurance.

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Julie2233 in reply to RWGR

I often wonder if the outcome would have been different if I’d been taken seriously earlier. I knew what it was but trusted my doctor, she told me what I wanted to hear and I accepted it because it was what I wanted to hear. I’ve had 3 good years following the metastatic diagnosis, meds kept it stable for 18 months and I’m now on the last available chemo drug. Think I’ve had 7 different lines of treatment which work well for most people just not for me.

The drugs for metastatic breast cancer are a lot easier than those for primary and are getting better.

I’m about to go onto palliative care if this last drug can’t hold it at bay to give me a bit longer. But as I say I’ve lived life exactly how I’ve wanted to and I’ve had the energy to do it.

But gps need more training and so do we on the symptoms of metastatic breast cancer. From my experience I’d say that it rarely comes back in the breast, look out for persistent pain in your bones or else where that doesn’t go after a couple of weeks. Again my mbs was diagnosed as arthritis by a perfectly competent GP. Remember you are the expert on your body.

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In shower and felt lump . Well it turned out to be 3lumps.but it was only mri that found the other 2.why it is so important for everyone to check regularly.2 yearsclear now

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No symptoms, just had the routine mammogram screening. Calcifications were detected and the battle began....

Denizt profile image

Getting out of shower in a friend’s house so had a long mirror / noticed orange peel look over my breast . Turned out it was 28 mm tumour with 2 small different ones around it . Had been tired for a year but working full time

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no symptoms. Had my first breast exam in about 20 years (I lived most of my life without the benefit of health insurance) and bam, I was had cancer.

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Had lumpectomy 2 years ago.annual mammograms since. 2nd one picked up abnormality

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I went to GP with breast pain, she did not feel anything. Two years after I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in a screening trial on pre-50s.

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I had eczema rash on nipple and went to see go was instructed to go to ER At hospital had mammogram and ultrasound , given negative results and told it was an oily cyst put bio oil in it

4 months later it was itching and oozing return to go who then referred me to a dermatologist

2 months later dermatologist performed a biopsy and a week later informed it was ductal carcinoma of the breast

This was in Spain

I returned to uk had mammogram ultrasound , ct scan bone scan mri and the results were MBC

I have cancer in breast lymph nodes liver and sternum

I was angry at first but now I cannot turn back time

So I’m positive and will take all that us thrown my way

Finding this forum has given me so much positivity and hope

Thank you each and everyone if you

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went to docs with a lump but did not examine me as no female member of staff was available at the visit. Husband took me to A and E where they immediately arranged a mammogram and it was discovered it was breast cancer.