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What happens after the detection of an aneurysm?


Hi there, i've just had a private scan through an Imaging Centre. I found it impossible to get a CTA scan through the NHS so went through the self paid route to find out what is wrong with me.

I'm probably getting ahead of myself but if were to be diagnosed with an aneurysm, what would be the next step?

The Imaging centre i used will send a report to my GP within the next few days. If it were to be bad news, would the GP then take over from there and refer me for a Angiogram right away, or do i see a Neurologist through the NHS and discuss my options with him/her instead?

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The GP should refer you to a Neurologist who will arrange an angiogram. The results will them form a baseline for their records and for determining treatment/no treatment depending on eg size and locality.

Some aneurysms which are small (generally less than 7mm) are monitored.

Quite normal to try to "get ahead" of yourself.. if you didn't you wouldn't be normal :)

Hope this helps.

Did u find out the results

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