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2 Year Recovery



Although i joined this site a while back im not sure if i have ever posted therefore i feel like im new here so hello and pleased to meet you all.

I suffered a rupture 2 years ago - July 2016 - which i had emergency coiling they also found another unruptured anuerysm at that time and they are watching this one (have my Mri coming up in a few weeks).

All the drs /specialists i have seen over the last 2 years have said that it can take up to 2 years to fully recover and i guess i thought everything would be back to normal by now.....it’s not, i still have ongoing issues, i have a weakness & numbness down my right side, neck/shoulder pain, my right eye is droopy, memory isn’t great and i dont think i will ever cope with crowds again. I am back at work now but struggle daily with this (i do work from home as often as i can) but the days i have to go into the office i find it extremley difficult.

I guess i would just like to know of anyone else’s recovery time and how you dealt with ongoing issues?

Thanks in advance for any replies and pleased to meet you all.

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Hi July8

I had a bleed from an SAH over 5 years ago now and I’m still getting better. My recovery took a very long time and I think I’ve still a bit to go. One thing I will say, I know now I won’t be as I was before the bleed, and I realise I won’t ever be.

Things just take a bit longer, I get tired and still get headaches. Crowds are better but still a struggle. It was a struggle to go back to work but in time it got better. It helped my boss was very understanding.

My advice, to try everything but take it slow and easy. Rest when you need to, go easy on yourself when you struggle but also give yourself a pat on the back when you’ve had a good day.

Hope all goes well 😊