Mucius plug

Mucius plug

Hi ladies im 37 and 2 days. Been feeling off for past few days and today im pretty sure im lost my.mucous plug been getting some pretty strong tightenings but dont they are proper contractions they stayed when i moved about and dis things but havent got closer or stronger just evwey so often. Dont.think my waters have broken unless im just trickling and not noticed.

Do you think im in early stages of labour. Tmi i.know but.picis what i think is my.plug.

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  • Hi There,

    You need to contact your midwife as soon as possible and explain what is going on. Only a healthcare professional can find out if you are near labour. You don't want to risk an infection if the plug has been lost, I would arrange to try and see them today. Good luck hope all goes well.

    Best Wishes


  • Hey Kate!

    I see you're still answering on questions here so I wonder how are you and how were things (how fast everything escalated) after loosing the mucus plug?

    Hope you're feeling good, and everyone is healthy and happy!x

  • Hey Chris. Still losing bits of plug have been for a while. Am 40 weeks today was booked in for a sweep as struggling with spd only to find my cervix is way to high still. Midwife couldn't even reach it. Been having mild contractions that stop and start for a week and they seem to have done nothing. In all honesty im now rather fed up with being pregnant. Very thankful baby is fine and no healthy but fed up of feeling as bad as I do and struggling. Thanks for asking after me though xx

  • I can't believe you're still pregnant Kate! I was actually expecting a post from you of how delivery went and a photo 👶 Of a gorgeous baby.

    I hope that your baby will come out soon as this waiting game and false contractions sound like no fun (all ahead for me in June!)

    How interesting that your cervix is all the way up, knowing what weight it is carrying (which reminds me of doing Kegel exercises!)

    Good luck dear and keep us informed how you're doing!x

  • I know right! Midwife is calling me tomorrow to arrange our next appointment to discuss induction which im really hoping i dont need. I certainly will keep you informed.


  • Agree with you - induction does not sound friendly. I hope that your baba will have a good night sleep and in the morning your waters will break and you'll be in active labour! (When babies wait the last minute to come out it's stressful for mums but I always think: baby loves mummy's uterus so much that does not want to separate from it!) Fingers crossed that no induction will be needed!

    Have a restful night,x

  • Thanls hun, my first came at 39 weeks he wasnt dilly dallying but this one seems too happy where he is lol xx

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