What affects your participation (posts and comments) on the community? Select all that apply

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  • I am very interested in finding the RIGHT blood pressure med for me here.

  • I have been unwell recently and feel that the Blood pressure medication I am on is not right for me .So I am interested at reading about the different medications.

  • I wish I could contribute more but I am quite ignorant about the field of blood pressure. This is unfortunate since I have high BP and would like to reduce it - but not with the awful drugs they would like you to take. I am already balancing my thyroid meds and I don't want to introduce a drug that will blow that long fought for fine balance out of whack. I wish I could contribute more, I'm sorry.

    I think there should have been another option in the vote for people who (like me) would say a great deal if they were more knowledgeable, having to vote "I feel I have nothing to say" isn't quite the truth.