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Blue Badge and Oxygen usuage

My partner has IPF and it has been suggested by the respiratory physiotherapist that we apply for a blue badge. I have been reading other entries about blue badge but I have a question.

Looking at the form it asks about walking aids. He has oxygen at night and ambulatory oxygen which he has been told to use when active e.g. walking, housework, gardening. Is oxygen a walking aid or where on the form should I refer to the use of oxygen.

Any advice please as these forms look rather daunting and I don't want to fail at the first hurdle and be rejected because of the responses I have put one the form.

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yes I would say it is as try walking without it thats what I put on my form x


hello carer999,

not able to advice on that one but if not sure can you not ask your doctor or phone the BLF line for advice i sure they will be able to help.Hope you get this sorted



Monday. Letter received stating dad is not entitled to the blue badge. Tuesday. Dad gets news from his 'specialist' at the time that there is nothing to be done for him and sends him home to die. Wednesday. Dad goes to his first pulmonary rehab session, tells them what has happened. Friday. Dad gets told his blue badge is on the way as the rehab staff got it for him. Following week, dads GP apologises to me for not REALISING how ill he was and said she would sanction a blue badge if I got the forms for her again. Told her it had already been done.

Put as much information on the form as possible including contact details of his respiratory nurse and specialist not just his GP. I truly hope you get it pronto xxx


I applied when I wasn't on oxygen and was refused. When I started on ambulatory oxygen applied again and got a blue badge no problems.



I do think it is walking aid as without it your partner would not be able to walk. I wish you luck getting the blue badge xxxxx


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