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I have only been diagnosed with COPD for a few months and my illness does not seem to be as severe as most everyone on this site. I have been reasonably well within the confines of the illness but this last few days I have developed a pain in my left side just at the base of my ribs and around to my back. Is this something I should see my Dr about? I don’t want to seem like a hypochondriac and running to him for no good reason. Please advise.

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  • Hi exblonde - I would go to the Docs and just check it. Don't mess around with pain! My husband was very bad at going to the Docs in the early days and I do believe that is one of the reasons it progressed as it did. Take good care of yourself - if you don't who will? TAD x

  • Yes go to your Docs, better earlier than later with COPD

    Lib x

  • Yes go to Doc COPD is bad enough without other painfull infections .

  • Pain is a warning - please don't ignore it.

  • I was going to say what aunty mary has said. Pain is the way our bodies tell us there is a problem.

    Don't ever be concerned about bothering your Dr, that will only cause you problems if you ignore something that needs attention

    Hope it all goes well for you


  • Thanks for all your advice I will take and see the doc tomorrow.

  • hi ex-blonde if you cough alot that can give you some pain although not a medical expert if you cough a fair bit you can pull a muscle however i would go get it checked you can pop to your nearest urgent care center to get it checked they can prescribe some pain relief as well

  • Hi loads of great advice here, you can also check with the BLF helpline nurses if you are unsure of the questions or explanation to give to the GP - or take some notes as if you have a memory like mine some important information can be forgotten until you are on the wrong side of the door. Good luck and look forward to an update.

  • Thanks for all the help, went to docs today lungs pretty clear but guess what ? I have shingles

    I couldn't see the rash but she did. Happy Days.

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