Have now got a goal to keep going - at least till 2017

I was one of those mums who stayed at home with her babies, times were hard but happy. So I only get about 3/4 of the State Pension, but if I keep going for anotherv 3 years I'm due for £140 odd a week, what an incentive to double my exercise programme, eat healthier, one less glass of wine, keep away from bugs - I want my £140 odd a week and by jove I'm going to get it.

Lib x

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  • Good for you Libby.

    Although I will get full pension, it will still benefit me as I am not young enough to have to pay the extra National Insurance they are talking about. It's the people who are born after 1980 who will be worse off in real terms, according to Radio 4 today.

    Lynne xx

  • I was under the impression that the new £140 a week pension did not include today's pensioners, only those qualifying after the new penson is introduced.

    Why does the gov't make these matters so bliddy complicated !!!!!! *waves her stick in frustration*


  • I get £64 OAP because although I have worked all my life I only paid the married womens stamp and gave my ex the benefit. I havent heard about this increase will it afect people like me I am 65

  • Thanks for the info. I got quite excited for a minute there but never mind I will keep doing the lottery instead lol xx

  • so glad to meet another 'abnormal' married woman, thought I was the only one in existence. I thought this new pension thing does not affect those of us who are already receiving our money, could be wrong though as the brain cells do not work so well in this cold lol

  • Oh elian I may have got it wrong - not too worry I'll still keep going

    Lib x

  • Whatever the new payments are I'm pretty sure I won't meet the criteria to benifit either way. It seems as though I'm always either too young, too old, too tall, too short, too fat, too thin, I'm sure you all know where I'm coming from!!!!

  • Sorry, I was born after 1952

  • Won't get anything anyway until I'm over 65, I've been affected twice, in a bad way, by changes to pension age rules. At least this will be in a good way!

    Lynne xx

  • I agree Libby! I will be better off when I retire in 2019 with the new rate. Not because I don't get the full pension - I will but because I would have only got the basic pension of 107.00 something. I wouldn't have qualified for pension credits because I have got a couple of private pensions as well. So I will get an extra 33.00 odd!

    After having worked all my life I am determined to live to at least 96! I want value for money.... :)

    Bev x

  • Hi Lib, my retirement age is apparently September 2015 as, being born in 1952, I fell into that grey area where they were phasing the "new" retirement ages in. I'll be 62 and 9 months! Ha ha, why can't they just have made it simple, like on your birthday! I haven't got a clue what my projected pension will be, it would probably send me into a frenzy of worry if I did! I've already taken my private pension of which the government take half back off me so like Maxer I'm still doing the lottery in the hope I can live the life I want to become accustomed to! Libby x

  • I have 8 years to wait for mine, so I'm not even thinking about it.....the goal posts will probably change again by then!!

  • I get a full pension plus a bit more because I paid a full stamp most of my working life, my husband gets a full pension plus £34 a month private pension, but because of that private pension we don't get pension credit which means we don't get the extra warm payment from the electric company or free dental care or glasses so it is swings and roundabouts, they have you all ways!

    Carole x

  • I was born at the end of 1952 and have to wait until 2015 for a pension I think. I am more peeved about the bus pass! I was so looking forward to that but have to wait to get that too! It is all very complicated. I brought up our three whilst Pete worked but managed to save up and pay the full contributions needed for a full pension but not yet it seems. Oh well, not much we can do is there? Bless the Government!!!! xxxx

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