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Print Size and Colour

For those of you with a desktop computer or a laptop.

If you find reading the print on this blog or other sites difficult to read, most browsers have a feature whereby you can adjust the size of the print as you see it.

It is simple to do.

Find the 'Ctrl' button on your keyboard, hold it down while taping the '+' (for larger) or '-' (for smaller).

Or if you use a mouse with a wheel, hold the 'Ctrl' button down while you slowly rotate the wheel. This should give you larger, easier to read print.

Some websites have colour schemes that are not easy to read. To alter the colour scheme of these pages on your pc/laptop, at the top of the page, click 'Tools' then 'Options'. This opens a new page, look for a tab labelled 'Content' and click on that to open that tab. Look for a button labelled 'Colors...', click that and on the resulting page, you can adjust the colours of print and background for best effect to suit you. Once you have decided on a colour scheme you like, leave these pages by clicking on 'OK' or 'Apply' button.

Hope this helps someone

All of you, breathe easy.


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There is also another way. Firefox has a " view " tab in the top bar. The third one along after " File " and " Edit ". The dropdown menu allows you to " zoom " the page in and out or " Zoom text only ".


brill - just done this - much better . Thanks


There is even a quicker /easier way to do it

scroll up to your toolbar and click on the down arrow for page.... scroll down to text size and reset it to what you want ( default is medium)



What a good idea to post techy tips - really helpful for useless technophobes like me. Thank you.



Endless Thanklies Johnwr - never knew that before, like many others - not very good at this computer game ! - can just about send and recover Emails, look up things on the Internet, and thats about it!.


Thanks Johnwr that s a lot better than peering, even with my reading glasses on Wellman2


This info was useful to me thank you and johnwr, your soup recipe turned out wonderful, I didn't add the cornflour as it was rich and thick without it, very tasty.



thank you every little helps


what a wonderful tip and so easy thank you


Great tips! Keep them coming,Thanks Wendells xxx


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