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COPD in the winter months: Via Met Office website

I found this whilst checking out todays forecast and thought I'd share....


Interesting info....

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excellent. thank you


You will notice the advice offered is actually from the BLF. ;)


Good to know they are passing on reliable information then...





Thank you. Will pass this onto my husband who suffers from COPD. He seems to think the lounge temp should be 25C and hasnt had his flu jab yet. Hopefully this advise will get him to turn the temp down a wee bit and get his flu jab.

Well one can only hope :/


Thanks for information.

Only one problem on my DLA application they clearly stated that weather conditions can not be taken into consideration!


Thanks for that and will check if I can get this for Pete from our Health Centre. Good info and well worth trying for. xx


i was very wary when we had fog during the week, i know its not smog but does it have any effect on my lungs, my husband said the fog was mangly water, so i told him i did not want to drown.

i do think weather plays a great deal how we are.

please have your flu injection i havent had flu for many years


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