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Six minute walk test

I had mine today and as some of you know I was dreading it and what it might mean.

So I was hooked up to a machine and all my vitals taken. My SATS were 97% while sitting. And I was asked what level I sat on the Borg table. And I said at rest I was a 0.

I did the test, walking just over 300m. They then measured my BP, pulse, and asked again where I thought I was on the Borg scale. I choose a 2 (slightly breathless). The most interesting thing was my SATs were 97%!! I couldn't believe it!

My results are being passed to my consultant but I do hope this means no oxygen just yet. Wasn't as scary as I thought although my BP may suggested otherwise.

Marie x

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That sounds healthy. I did my first one last week at PR. Starting sats were 89% and went down to 82%. Without oxygen. After a rest went up to 90%. 350 meters.

This week with 1/2 litre oxygen starting sats about 91% and dropped to 87%. Faster recovery after rest though. 410 meters. BP goes quite high with exercise so if it recovers quite quick I shouldn't worry if it was me.

That sounds really good.

Sorry for my humour, but I thought the Borg were something to do with Star Trek! :D

Star Trek did cross my mind but I wasn't sure if anyone knew who the Borg were. :)

First thing I thought of too!! ;-)

Beaten to it, I was going to comment that anyone sitting at the Borg Table would be on an equal par with the others as they are a collective similar to bees, with a queen at the centre of the hive. ...erm, has anyone seen Locutus or Admiral Janeway ...? :-D

I'm waiting for be called for my PR initiation again, after needing to cancel the original appointment due to a streaming cold. I did a test on a walking machine some years ago, and had to give up after a minute or so as I was getting really SOB - they marked that down as aborted, but I've not had another since. I'm told I'll be given a walking test when I go - could be fun if they're expecting anything like 2 minutes from me, never mind 6 !


off-topic: Admiral Janeway, aka Kate Mulgrew, has been seen - in a CSI-like spoof called NTSF:SD:SUV:: on an American cable channel - clips are available on a certain video sharing website ;-)

Sounds really healthy :-)

No you will not be prescribed oxygen. They are good readings.

Those are very good readings! TAD x

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