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not been around for a while

Sorry to anyone who has left me a blog, I've had problems with my pcstill not totally fixed and on top of that the internet went down on Sunday and didn't get fixed until yesterday.

Anyway me and my husband actually managed to get a day out at the lakes last week, he struggled quite a lot andhad to keep resting,he was determined to do it and did it. We went on 3 lake cruises sat on top deck on first one and nearly froze to death, we took the dog with us and she misbehaved all day so she won't going again. It took us the next two days to recover from the day out but John is so pleased he did it and feels that after that marathon a two hour drive to Nottingham to see the grandchildren will be easy.

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Days out are great and I have no problems with driving anywhere, as long as I'm not walking too far. Pleased to hear you are able to get out and about like that, a change is as good as a rest they say - which is why we always need a day or two to recover from these trips...?

As for computers, I saw an advert for a 'PC Doctor' the other day, promising personal service, guaranteed fix, reasonable rates - then I got to a bit that said "Internet gone off? Email me now..."


So glad to hear you had a good day out even with your naughty dog - how brave I wouldn't dare take our young dog out!! It just makes you feel as if you can still have a good quality of life on days like that. Enjoy the trip to Notthingham!! Take good care. TAD xx


Nice to see you back. x


Hello Mistykim, hope you enjoy your trip to Nottingham. I have just got back from a visit to see my grandson, it's 3hr drive, I am 70 and have had COPD for eleven years but had to start using oxygen in April, this is the first time I been there since then and it all went well. No problems, so glad I went.


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