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heartfelt thanks

to each one of you for caring. slowely accepting that bobs is gone and that all the wishing in the world will not bring him back.

now for a giggle---if i didnt laugh i would cry. yesterday afternoon . despite the weather ,accompanied by those weird noises from the lungs, i decided to go to the library. needed out of the house. pulled on some clothes and was walking , with wheezy breath to bus stop . a young mother and child passed me when i was having a pit stop , I thought the lady was lowering her eyes rather than make eye contact,they passed me by. I looked down and discovered I was wearing my trousers inside out!I knew if I went back I would not go back again. made the decision to carry on. as last got to the library...straight to the you know the struggle to dress is difficult..try it in a confined space!! next stop the cafe ,which in in the library where I "rewarded" myself with a very large slice of cake. so you have it. inapproprate dressing. my first venture into that area and hopefully my last . I have went out without my watch, bus pass letters for the post, I should be grateful that I had the damm trousers on !!

Once again thank you all. it made a difference. you are a wonderful group xx

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Great you got out dont worry about the trousers! Onwards and upwards what you planning next? :) x

hey they sell inside out knitted jumpers, you may have just started a trend, watch that young woman wearing em next week. The first step is always the hardest whatever it is, so time to move forward. xx

Bless You xx

rofl cough cough ..... That gave me a much needed laugh and clearance .... Glad you're getting out n about :-)

I have often thought that as the lungs decline the sense of humour grows to compensate. Glad you are reaching acceptance. Thoughts are with you. x

brilliant, it does not matter you made that step got out, and had a giggle to your self.

You will be the talk of the town now, setting fashion trends....

take care


Hahaha, good to laugh on a sunday morning. So glad you carried on Nellie, and queen bee the vision is hilarious. worst I have done is two odd shoes!! None of us are perfect :0))

have a nice day xx

Thoughts are with you Nellie but good on you for "facing" up to the world. As has been said - trend setter and why not and given yourself a giggle as well. Me yes have to admit I have arrived at work in my bedroom slippers before now..............

As the man said - "but me no buts" - nuff said


thanks folks, afraid I spent a few hours crying today, missing my wee boy dreadfully. guess its all part of it. will try and get out tomrrow.complete with appropraite clothes,mind you here in scotland we can just about get four seasons in a day

take care everyone and give those precious pets a big hug from me x

Thanks for the giggle, many moons ago when I was still working I went to work with my trousers back to front, it was only when I went to put my hands in my patch pockets that I realised something was really wrong. Got quite a ribbing for the rest of that day. Still often put my knickers on inside out, and when I am breathless don't give a damn as the only other person who is going to notice is the hubby, and after 18 years of marriage he has seen everything :O

hugs Daxie Mad xxxx

slept a lot today. its a long day when you are in the house. they say laughter is the best medicine, your blogs have cheered me up .queen bee that would be a sight to behold!daughter and son-in-law came to visit, that helped. gave them all the cat food i had .washed all his bedding yesterday. one step at a time.

once again thanks everyone for letting me share...xx

You did well carrying on. I went to work one day (before retirement) in my underslip and a jumper and jacket drove there parked never noticed but the Security man at reception did Excuse me he said but have'nt you forgotton something talk about embarrassed I had to go straight home cost me half a days pay a telling off and total embarrassment Ha Ha :)

So glad you managed to get out of the house at least and as you say, you did have trousers on which is a good thing. Take one day at a time and you will get there. Thinking of you and wishing you well. thanks for the laughter! xx

Hi Nellie. Recently when through the same loss as you - 4th cat in 4 years, only have one 12-year-old cat called Puppy (long story!) left now =(

Anyway, I was going to say about my very eccentric, lovely, Auntie Dot. When I was young and we used to visit, more often than not she'd have her dress on inside out "Yes, I know but I was told it was unlucky to change it!". She also used to have a curly wig she liked to wear - usually she wore it like a beret, bless her heart!

So, don't worry about inside-out trousers - as others have said, at least you'd put them on, tee hee!! Take care

Jude xx

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