After waiting 4 months for an appointment with a pulmonary consultant,yesterday was the day to go &see him.Lovely fellow,asked how i was doing,what i could/couldn,t manage,family history,etc.

he then took me into examination room,sounded chest etc.Right says he time for lung/pulmonary test on machine.No triangular(evidently has to be triangular) graph paper.great.he sends nurse out to get some from elsewhere,she comes back empty handed.He then goes to seek some,he returns empty handed apologises to me,sends me to e.c.g. to see if they can test me.You,ve guessed it after 40min wait they tell me they have no triangular graph paper.will send for me in 2-3 weeksfor another appointment.in the meantime.consultant wants results so he can write to my G.P. my G.P wants to know results so he knows how to treat me.I want results cos i want to know how ill i am & how advanced my illness is.sorry this is long-winded folks,but then so was my wasted visit to hospital.xx

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  • Good morning Pedantic.

    Sorry for your disappointment. It must have been very stressful You couldn't make it up could you? If it was a comedy on TV you'd be laughing! I hope my hospital app this morning (Yes on a Saturday!!) goes better than yours. Do something nice today - if you can - to make up for yesterday. Take care x

  • Pedantic, you are right, it's a farce. Make yourself a cuppa, try to put it behind you and look forward to the next (hopefully productive) appointment.

  • our appt yesterday was so different, no tests or examinations, just a sit down in the office with the dr telling us whats what, and what isn't, he did prescribe some new treatment to try for 3 months, but other that that it was like a cosy chat. After all the waiting I know you get to the point of wanting to know, but actually my experience has been that you never really do, there's always something else on the horizon. No easy , but try and relax and enjoy the next 3 weeks, make plans to do something to take your mind off the next appt. take care,

  • Honestly aren't they hopeless, like treading water Val x

  • Remind me where you live again Pedantic, just so I can be sure never to opt to live there.

    Jeez not a good advertisement for health care in your area. I would recommend a letter to PALS, your MP etc etc.

    Wishing you luck on your next visit. Fingers crossed ;)

  • typical, Pedantic. and like rose said, wait foreverer for nothing.

    how good to see valm, are you home yet ?


  • Hi Pedantic, so so sorry for laughing but I couldnt help it when I read what happened to you at your appointment - great care indeed, must be a thing in the North, Yes its horrid what has happened, but dont make yurself ill because of it, if you had been very ill, they would have found the paper. so chill and dont get stressed, not good for you. take care hun xx

  • And the hospital shop had run out of Toblerone as well...?

    Sorry, just adding to the script for the return of TV show 'Only When I Laugh'

  • I bet they never run out of money to pay themselves with.

  • Never heard such rubbish! Why don't they get a square bit of paper and cut it across to make a triangular piece? Too easy I suppose! Never mind Pedantic, hope you made the best of a bad day anyway. Pete has had two appointments cancelled for the Brompton so far this year and the next one is in November. Will he be ok to go to that one? Who knows? Have to wait and see and say a silent prayer of hope. Take care xxxxx

  • Think I know how you are feeling about that one Pedantic, I can't get over how 'inept' our hospitals are getting,the only thing I like about hopitals are the W.V.S. sandwiches and the lovelyness of the ladies and their sunny smiles who work in the cafe... I had a extra lousy spirometry test in January this year,losing a further 7%, the G.P. thought a visit to the consultant was a good idea and ended up with an E.C.G. and home saturation test back in June and here we are almost at the end of September and I'm still waiting,phoned the Sec., twice and twice she promised to 'chase it up', now I'm thinking what do I need to know for? I feel ok, and I know it's the freezing cold air in this house that's killing me! lol! x

  • Farcical indeed, Pedantic! When I have my annual look-over from the consultant he likes to check my SAT's and blood-gases after being on oxygen for 10 minutes. The nurse hadn't got round to 'plugging me in' by the time I got called in to see him, so he decided to do it himself. Talk about laughing my bum off - he couldn't even turn the O2 cylinder on!! Doesn't instill a great deal of confidence, does it?!?

    Sassy59: I had to cancel 2 appointments with the Brompton due to having bad infections. Each time, I phoned to explain that I really wasn't up to driving all the way from Norfolk by 8.30 am. Because of this, I was 'bumped' from their list, exact words being 'We aren't a drop-in centre, you know'. Hey ho.

    Jude x

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