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midnight walk is looming and I'm getting nervous

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the midnight walk for the local hospice is on Sat night and I'm getting scared that I wont be able to finish.I have sturdy shoes, waterproof clothing and a strong determination to get to that finish line, and the bacon sarny. I have trained my feet and legs by plenty of walking, trained my bladder by hanging on as long as I can, and stayed up a bit later every night. I have done all nighters but it's usually been sat in the hospital at Richards bedside, not walking 10 miles. The 10 miles is all familiar territory, it takes me past my house at one point, (1st toilet stop, at least i know that'll be clean ) past my old house at another, and on the old route of where I used to walk the dog. In fact I have walked every inch of the route , BUT NOT ALL AT ONCE. I will be with my son, daughter and grandaughter. My son has been going to the gym and walking, my daughter is training for the national 3 peaks, so it'll be a walk in the park for her, my 19 yr old grandaughter is another matter. She walks nowhere she doesn't have to, and enthusiasm for the cause is her main reason for doing it. When we went over the route on the map, she looked at me and said "So am gonna die then "

Anyway we ARE going to do it,we are, we are.

I'm going to watch Dirty Dancing at leeds at 7.30, back to hudds for the start of the walk. Maybe I should dance all the way.

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Good luck Amagran, such a brave thing to do. The company and thrill of doing it for charity will get you round. Best wishes.

You are a star. Good luck and praying for a clear night. Go enjoy - the banter will be memorable and motivating


Good luck to you all

I did the Santa run for gosh in December,and that was only 5k.but I did it,and raised money for a wonderful cause at the same time.

You will be fine.x

Btw,I never ran the run.more meandered.couldnt run to save my life anymore.it doesn't matter how long it takes you to finish,as long as you do.


For you, Amagran (author unknown)

I will not wish thee riches nor

the glow of greatness, but that

wherever thou go some weary

heart shall gladden at thy smile,

or shadowed life know sunshine for a while.

And so thy path shall be a track of light,

like angel's footsteps passing through the night.

Dear Amagran, as it is for the hospice, it is your effort for the cause that counts most, not whether you actually finish the walk. I am sure all of you walkers on Saturday will tread a path of light 'like angels passing in the night' x

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a beautiful poem

thanks all

Go amagran go amagran! We are all routing for you. You will do it, have no fear. surrounded by likeminded people to spur you on and have a good ole larf. You will enjoy it and not need to use the loo much.

Can I stop swinging the pendulum now?

Having images of midnight walkers wearing brolley hats.

Hoping it stays dry for the duration without mis-haps or casualties. ;)

That sounds like fun !! Really - with your family - a fantastic adventure. The only one I can see who will be a problem is your grand-daughter (if she is anything like my daughter she will moan a lot!!) AND what a fantastic cause. Good Luck and Enjoy !! TAD xx

Good luck tommorrow, great cause, and i'm sure it will be great fun , no matter what speed. Best wishes.xx

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