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New website and brand

Hi Everyone

If you have visited the BLF site since yesterday you would have been greeted by our brand new website and brand. We have improved the site by making it easier to navigate and showing some of our services on a map. Have a play and let us know what you think


Hope you like it!


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Nice new layout but I have been unable to sign in to members area.


Hi jojam - I have always been confused about this 'members area' thing. When i first became a member, over three years ago now, it said in the letter i received that i would have access to a members only area with news, updates etc. but i never did find such a place. When the forum was up and running I wondered if this was it , but then this is not a BLF membership only area. I think i must have been missing something somewhere. And if we find this 'area' do we use our membership number or a password or what? Please - enlighten me if you can - Parvati :)


Hi Parvati

The new members area is still in development. The all new members area will include a members-only searchable archive of past breathing space articles, puzzle answers and a members letters section. We will be sending an email out to all of our members soon to let them know about the new brand and website and will bring them up to speed on the members area as well.

In the future we will expand the members area of the website further still. Why not tell us here what you would like to see in there?



Hi Parvati,

I see that you have been given an answer by Athar, I did used to access the members area on the old site & yes it needed membership no & password to sign in but that doesen't work on new site as it is not up & running yet.

It will al become clear in due time when we get an email :-)

Best wishes

Jo :-)


Ahhh! 'enlightenment' at last! Thank you :) Will let you know if ii think of anything - P :)


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