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Hi everyone what are your plans for this long Jubilee weekend? I would have loved to have gone to London to see everything going on, I did apply for tickets for the Queens Jubilee concert but wasn't lucky enough to get any! Will be at home watching it on TV we will be making a cake and decorating it with white chocolate, blueberries and strawberries possibly a trifle. The weather has changed a lot cooler, managed to get out for a little walk yesterday! Onwards and upwards ha ha. Need to decide if I will go back to work on Wednesday or the following Monday, will need to see how I go over the next few days.

Hope you all have a good weekend and hopefully will get a little sunshine, Val

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Hi Val

Your Jubilee weekend sounds pretty much like mine - I also intend to indulge in some foodie treats while watching - quite like your idea of a trifle actually - very British and traditional :) It is a lot cooler in my neck of the woods too - for which I am most thankful. Good to hear you are doing your walks again. As regards your return to work, if it were me I think


...(accidentally hit the post button! doh!)

as i was saying .. if it were me I think I would wait those few extra days, do a few more walks etc and go back on the following Monday. I think you are a real trooper to be working at all though. :) best wishes Val, and have a lovely Jubilee weekend, P. xx


Thanks P I continue to work as it gets me out of the house, still have contact with the carer's I worked with only organising the work on the computer now, love the banter it keeps me going hope you also have a fab weekend Val x


I love it as well Val x


Put out the flags, lets hope the sun shines Val


Would like it a bit warmer chilly here today Val


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