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Has anyone been given Azithromycin for their Bronchiectasis, taking 3 a week, for a long period of time

I have just been given them, but have had a bad reaction to it and only taken one.

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Go back to your doctor. Tell them of the reaction. An antibiotic 3 days a week is one of the best treatments for bronchiectasis. If you can't take that one they may be able to give you a different one.

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Janlyn1953 in reply to wheezyof


The doctor did say if it upsets me let her know.

I will phone tomorrow.

I couldn’t tolerate them either, now on 100mg doxycycline daily.

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Janlyn1953 in reply to rsmrsnl

Going back to doctors, to have them changed.

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Kattria in reply to rsmrsnl

Me too. On doxycycline. Take these when I start to get a chest . Infection. Twice a day and better with food. I have Brochiectasis and Asthma. I find these work for me.

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Janlyn1953 in reply to Kattria

I'm waiting to see the chest specialist in 3 weeks, so see what he suggests.

A miracle cure lol.

Hey I was given them I think for a lung infection about 3 months ago and they wiped me out I had coca cola coloured urine and the whites of my eyes went yellow but was told to keep taking them, might be okay for some but definitely not for me, but I hope.they sort you out

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Thanks, but I think I will get them changed, I'm only having to take them to help stop me having re occuring chest infections.

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Sounds really nasty. I don’t think I would want to carry on taking them with those side effects - especially when there are other options.

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Janlyn1953 in reply to Rayswife

I've been told by the doctor to stop them, I see the specialist in 3 weeks hope he comes up with a miracle cure lol.

I’ve been taking them for yrs no problems. Your dr. Should be able to substitute another one.

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I've been taking 2 a day and all ok. I struggled in Doxycycline instead

Hi, Ive been taking them for a year now and have no side effects at all that I know of , I haven't had so many colds this year though .

I have just started that treatment 8 weeks ago ,i have had no side effects and so far no infections ( which is really unusual for me at this time of the year) their are other antibiotics if azithromycin is not suitable

I've been on them 3x a week through the winter months for years. No problems. Hope you are clearing the mucus every day too. Presumably there are alternatives but I would want to refer back to the consultant. The consensus seems to be that the average GP doesn't know much about bronchiectasis. Good luck.

A Bad Reaction after ONE? I have taken them for 3 years now, they have been the Best AB , keeping the Chest Infections at Bay, But we are all Different, My COPD is Emphysema Stage 4. Good Luck if you are able to carry on with them. xxx

Hi I have bronchiectasis and also take azithromycin for 4yrs they can make you have side effects like diahorrea but are worth it for the benefits

Hi Janilyn,

I have had bronchiectasis for a number of years and I have never heard of that one.The antibiotic chosen for me by my consultant is doxicyclin however it is interesting to note that the MOD have refused to supp;y this drug to our Army in Afghanistan in part because of the drug removing resistance to sun burn,

You may be interested in some new thinking within the medical profession that suggests there are hosts of "good " bacteria in the gut that can influence the impact of a variety of diseases that are currently treated by antibiotics.The trick is to strengthen the bacteria with a decent diet and exercise. This is not news east of Suez in countries like India and China were this has been understood for centuries.

Personally I rarely take antibiotics and I don't have exacerbations in the traditional sense since I upped the intake of garlic and took on daily doses of thyme syrup it is not a panacea and it isn't cheap but it might help if you give it time.We are all different in our reaction to alternative treatments so beware.

My herbalist is Sophie Lamb,if you are interested Goog;e her.

Thanks for your reply.

However I cannot take garlic or any herbal remedies due to allergies, alternative medicine is no good for me.

My dad was put on a probiotic during his last stay in the hospital. There was a specific strain that they wanted him on because it helps create an environment that is less friendly to his colonizing pseudomonas. My daughter has been taking Garden of Life Primal Defense for years and thankfully it has the strain that daddy also needs. I’m not selling this probiotic, just letting you guys know which one we are having good results with. Hope everyone has a great week!

Hi, do you know what strain is good for pseudomonas? I know garlic helps, but can be rough on my gut. Thanks.

I am on Azithromycin same dose as you .Upto now (touch wood) i am not resorting to emergency pack.Apparently however they can damage your hearing

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Sbelliott02 in reply to robotman

I’m not sure if it’s the azithromycin or age, but my dad’s hearing is much worse than it was. He also has ringing in his ears. He is also on Tobi and I believe that has an effect on hearing also.

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Janlyn1953 in reply to robotman

Wow!!! that's the trouble side affects can be worrying, I hate taking tablets.

I believe that Azithromycin is the gold standard in the war against bronchiectasis. I store it in my stand-by antibiotics and use it occasionally. So far no bad side effects.

Hello, that’s interesting I also couldn’t tolerate them and had severe diarrhoea. Have given up taking them as no alternative was suggested but still having frequent flare ups.

I've been on Azithromyacin for a couple of years. At first it upset my stomach but then I tried taking it at night and it worked so now get no reaction. Try it. I have lots of FB friends who take it at night also

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Janlyn1953 in reply to noraskye

I did take it at night and it made me poorly.

The doctor has told me to stop it, thank goodness I see the specialist in 3 weeks.

Thanks noraskye not heard that advice & will give that a try. Might be a good time to thank everyone on this forum which has kept me sane whilst learning to deal with Bronchiectasis and Asthma and there is such a wealth of knowledge, best wishes all.

My dad has been on this regimen for 10+ years. I’m sorry you are having issues with it and I hope you find a replacement medicine soon!

Hi Janlyn1953, I too take azithromycin and have done for over 6 years now. Do persevere with the side effects (mainly pain in the stomach etc. for me) they only last around 6 weeks, once the body adjusts and accepts them they are a life saver. They prevent bacterial infections and for me they are wonderful, I call them my miracle pills. I suppose it depends how ill you feel in the first place. 6 years ago I was literally dying, my organs where packing in and I was suffering from pneumonia every 6 weeks or so, so you see for me there was no choice. I was just very grateful such a medicine existed. Good luck and take care, Maximonkey


There was good results with using azithromycin as a preventative. Unfortunately, I don’t tolerate it either. I have a slow heart rate and low blood pressure. This drug is not indicated in that situation.

Have to speak up to the docs and keep asking here. Lots of smart people who have a variety of good tips and advice.

my specialist put me on antibiotics for 6 months but only one a day, they did agree with me though but if yours dont please go back and tell doctor

Im on Roxithromycin my specialist put me on it for the duration of winter here in Australia I'm hoping it works don't want to end up in hospital

Hi I have been taking them for nearly 3 years and found them to be brilliant and they have reduced the amount of exacerbation to more than half. It's a shame if they cause side effects for you.

That's good you can take them.

I will see what my specialist says when I see him in a few weeks time.

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