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Hi everyone just been diagnosed with COPD but not sure doctors know what there talking about. Saw my doc last August after a problem breathing x ray showed fluid on 1 lung. 4 months later saw a specialist who told me I have only 40% of my lungs left. Oxigen in the blood is 98%. Only seem to struggle with stairs I can still walk all day no problems. Had a CT scan got 3 months before I see the specialist to get the results. Anyone know what I can do to find out what's going on quicker

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Hi, might be a good idea to talk with your GP, they may be able to advise you.

How long ago did you have the scan, if it's been a few weeks have you tried phoning the consultants secretary and asking if the consultant can let you know anything?

I know what it's like waiting for test results and then having to wait for the appointment, drive's me crazy.

I'm not a patient patient at all.

Take care.


It seems ridiculous to expect you to wait 3 months to get the results of the scan but not sure what the procedures are there in cases like this. It would seem there should be something you can do or someone you can talk to to get the results earlier.

In my area they send the results to my GP. It usually takes about ten days. If there is anything urgent they call me in for an earlier appointment. All the best.


I also had to wait 3 months for the results of a CT scan. I did try and ring, but was told that I had to wait for the consultant's appointment. When I finally saw him, he didn't know I'd had the test done and it was only when I insisted I got him to tell me my results and look the scan up on his computer. The scan was not sent to my Dr.s. If I want a copy I have to pay the NHS for it.

That is a long time to wait for a result. Perhaps your gp could help to find what the delay is. A lot of folk here would agree that waiting causes worrying and anxiety and that is never good for us.

Take care and I hope you get some answers very quickly.

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