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Treatment for IPF

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I have IPF and will shortly be seeing my consultant again. He may put me on Perfenidonese which is the only course of treatment suitable for me. I am very concerned that it requires me to apply high factor sun cream to all exposed skin even in Winter and the reaction of people when they see me out and about with sun cream all over my face. Has anyone had experience of this.

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Hi Allanem. I think that year round spf50 is a relatively small price to pay if the treatment works for your Ipf. I'm on dmards for Lupus and I have to do the same - it doesn't occur to me not to. I did caught out last year when I forgot to apply it to my lips and got 2nd degree burns. Lesson learnt!!

Hello. Most high factor sunscreens are absorbed into the skin and aren’t visible to others. Only mineral sunblocks can be seen on the skin and these are now quite rare. Go to a good chemist or drugstore and ask them to help you find a sunscreen that you are ok to wear.

Alternatively, have you been offered Nintedanib? Usually you have a choice between that and Pirfenidone as they are both as effective as each other. Nintedanib doesn’t cause the same issues with the sun (although it does have other side effects, usually mild diarrhoea).

Good luck.

I've had cancer on my face and was told i must use Factor 50 Suncream. I used to go out looking like white ghost. This year I bought clear factor 50. It stings a little at first but isn't visible. Sheila x

Thanks for all your replies. I will investigate the clear Factor 50 Sun creams.

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