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The Woman Was Fit and Healthy. Why Did Her Lung Mysteriously Collapse?

Deflated Lung

She had, he explained, a pneumothorax — literally, air in the chest. It happens when there’s a tiny rupture in the lung. The air rushes out into the surrounding space, and the empty lung collapses. She was admitted to Lenox Hill Hospital the next day. A tiny catheter was inserted between her ribs into the space around the lung. The air was sucked out, allowing her lung to re-expand.

But why had she gotten this leak in the first place? She didn’t smoke, which is the most common risk factor for developing a pneumothorax. None of the tests indicated any type of lung disease, another significant risk factor. And though there are a number of inherited diseases that can predispose a person to developing a pneumothorax, no one in her family had any of them. After four days and no answers, her doctor concluded that she’d had a spontaneous pneumothorax. These are rare but are more likely to be seen in tall, thin, athletic individuals — like her — and don’t usually happen more than once.


Thoracic endometriosis


Would it shock you to know MALEs could also suffer from endometriosis THINK male endometriosis is more commen than is known especially lung involmeant.


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Hi Jeff....Think Male breast cancer...it happens. Also from my experience in the NHS I have seen a couple of spontaneous pneumothorax but both were males and runners!


Hi yer I know about male brest cancer but was surspriced to read about males can suffer form of endometriosis


There are a few members here who have had more than one spontaneous pneumothorax.



Hi Cheers can guess this quite a few had smoking down as cause AND not so much endometriosis.

Did you watch that about Great Ormand Street kids hospital on tv yesterday QUITE Intresting re over treatment and lack of accountability.

Shocking really how flower 💐 up damming reports


No, I didn't see that.


Missed good programme on rare occasions the tell the truth.

I know when my dad had all that trouble hospital admitted my dad sufferd kidney failular through dehydration or sepsis but could not comment further as records had not been kept.

Truly shocking how would admit records was not kept TO cover harm caused

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