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hi all just though someone could help been on oxygen when walking around andthing like that now for just over a year but theses last couple of weeks or so been having so other issues like felling very dezzie when not on it been told by doc i have in voluntarily vigo but also i fine that if i am sat some where it very cold i stared to shiver and shach all the time then cant get warm for age could anyone tell me is this norn

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Hello Hidden .

I'm sorry you haven't been doing well recently. Being dizzy could stem from a number of things. Did your doctor mention vertigo? High blood pressure , low blood pressure and ear infections are just some of the possibilities. If your oxygen levels are low, this could also cause problems.

Being cold also has many possibilities. I really think you need to talk with your doctor. There are just so many variables as to what might be causing you to be dizzy and cold.

I hope you can get help soon. It's dangerous for you to feel dizzy, you might fall.

I hope you will let us know how you are getting on. I hear it's very cold. Please take care of yourself.

Cas xx 🌹

Hidden in reply to Caspiana

the doc have said it is in voluntarily vertigo it the getting very cold when let say sat on the loo where it is cold and i shiver and shach that getting to me

Caspiana in reply to Hidden

Yes, I understand. Very unpleasant. Did you mention feeling very cold to your doctor? I know there's another cold spell now. Do you have sufficient heating?

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