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Happy New year to everyone

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I would like to wish you all a happy New year, hope it's better than this one has been for some of us. I will be fast asleep even through the fireworks, but all enjoy yourselves. Love Bernadette xxx

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Happy new year Bernadette and hope it’s a good one. Xxxxx

Same to you Bernadette andfamily wish i could sleep through fireworks I asked santa for some. Sleepy time for x.mas He must have forgot lso


Happy New year.

Happy new year Bernadette. :)

Have a great year Bernadette xx


Thanks Bernadette - wish the same for you too, and a healthier one for all of us xx

Happy New Year Bernadette. I shall be away to my bed this year, still not up to par. Best wishes Ann

Happy New Year Bernadette,enjoy that nice long sleep whilst other have bleary eyes in the morning................skis and scruffy x

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