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third of my lung removed

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helo everyone I'm 69 years old and a granddad, last year my lung collapsed 4 times and then I had a bullectmy took a third of my lung away and now I'm left with stage 3 emphersema, packed up smokeing 12 years ago but it still got me lol, I'm sure I have good days bad days like everyone, I think the pain thing is the worst I'm on lots of meds but only takes the edge off the pain

has anyone else had the lung reduction op


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Hello Brian,and welcome can I ask has the op made a difference?iam awaiting possible surgical options for copd...alan

helo alan, I didn't have much choice as the blister was making the lung collapse,

but within a few days my breathing was so much better, the whole experience was ok doctors where realy good I was only in for 5 days then home, iv had realy good follow up from gp and hospital so I'm lucky, and I think I'm stuck with this nerve pain for the rest of my life but its a small price to pay as I'm still here lol


Like your attitude Brian best of luck for the future.

thanks alan, I hope you get lungs sorted out soon


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jjnanna in reply to briany

The nerve pain is very nasty isn't it ... but it does subside over time ...a long time mind .... but does get better x

Sorry to hear of your struggles but glad this is over for you.

I had some lung removed (left lower basal section lobectomy) at the age of 15 (long time ago as I am now the same age as you). They wouldn't do it now in the same cercumstances as my bronchiectasis was and is diffuse. It was long and complex surgery in those days.

Sorry to hear you have residual pain briany.


If it's nerve pain, it may settle with time. I had badly damaged nerves in my lower right leg following compartment syndrome through poor nursing after a knee replacement op, where my leg used to throb with pain and jump for no reason. But this has now mostly gone, and I just get it sometimes when my leg is really tired. If accessible, gentle massage can help calm and settle the nerves over time. At first, I could not touch my injured foot at all because of the irritated nerves, but friends and an osteopath helped me and massaged my leg for me.

You might also like to consider acupuncture for the pain. That has really helped me in the past too.

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briany in reply to Ergendl

thanks for reply brian

Hello Briany. Like you I have had a third of my right lung removed due to cysts. Unlike mine happened 31years ago when I was 35. Yes the pain can be hard to bear even to this day but I refuse to take pain killers as they effect other parts of the body and because I have alpha one antiterrorism not good for the liver. I cope by always looking on the bright side. Good luck and hope you manage to cope with the pain

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briany in reply to mikeadams51

thanks for reply, I also have a spine problem and I take the fentinol patches change every 3 days they sort my back out but don't seem to touch nerve pain, I take gaberpentine for nerve pain


Hi briany,

I'm on the Transplant List(17 months now). I have just had Lung Function Tests to see if I could have Lung Reduction as my Consultant said it was worth going down this road ? I go on Monday for the results to be told Yay or Neh. I don't want to come off the list, but, as she pointed out I'm not getting any younger and we are looking for a Quick solution as matching Lungs don't come around often. My Friend has had two ops for Lung Reduction, she is managing very well, we both go to the Great Breathe easy Classes and Exercises. She is NOT on Oxygen whereas I am.. Hope your pain lifts soon, Your Doc/ Consultant should be able to give you strong pain meds..Take care . xxx Carolina xxx

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briany in reply to Hacienda

helo and thanks for reply I did start going to breath easy classes I think I lasted 4 weeks, I don't want to sound ungrateful but it didn't realy do much for me, the day I came out of hospital I was getting conflicting advice so I phoned the british lung foundation and went by what thet said,as I said before iv had lots of support and iv picked out what I think is best for me (I hope lol}


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