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Coughing fit

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Hi folks ,

I thought that I'd write in to share something that might be useful. Last night I had to go to A&E as I couldn't stop coughing, about 3 hours worth. I was checked over and told all was clear for fluid and oxygen etc was OK.Told that I was in spasm, had terrible cramps in my ribcage.The Doc have me Cocodamolas a suppressant. Within about 15 mins coughing stopped and I felt quite at ease. I was so amazed at the almost instant result as I'd never picked up on it before. So the Doc said it would be fine to take one before going to bed, and would help to prevent anymore attacks.

So after cough ,cough, cough, I'm hoping that this will do the trck.🖒


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Thank goodness you got some help Grayjay. Good luck to you. Xxxxxxx

Have you spelt the name of this suppressant correctly as I cannot find out anything with that name?

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barbs47 in reply to gingermusic

Co-codamol is spelt correctly they are often prescribed for pain relief. I have them for a neck problem. I found if I took 1 or 2 in the morning I seemed to breath a little easier. I mentioned this when I went for my yearly Oxygen assessment. I was told that the Co-codamol acts as a relaxant. I would think this is the reason it stopped the coughing fit it relaxed you. Barbs

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Grayjay in reply to barbs47

Well Barbs, second day in, what a difference. Hardly a cough this morning.

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Grayjay in reply to gingermusic

Sorry, Co-codamol 30/50 mg. Just a typo.😅 I was very washed out yesterday. That's all it is a simple pain killer.

wow! That sounds good, I suffer from long attacks but have never been given this.

I don't know if you can buy that strength over the counter, hope so. If not see your GP.🖒

So pleased that it helped you. I take cocodamol regular 30/500 for arthritis pain. Wish it would stop my cough. Xxx

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Grayjay in reply to Nottobad

Sorry about that but maybe something as simple might do the trick. I'm holding my breath whether it's going to last or not hope so.

All the best.

I have a bad cough as well at the moment, and have found that sipping soluble paracetamol helps sooth my cough/throat irritation. It is getting better very slowly. I have some co-codamol of the strength of the 30/500 strength in, I will try them next time. Thank you.

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Grayjay in reply to WheezyAnne

Good I hope it works for you.

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