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Trivial Emphysema

My doctor & Hospital MRI dept diagnosed me with trivial emphysema

Sixteen months ago

For six months prior to diagnosis I was chronically out of breath with pneumonia and during that time stopped smoking

I am 59 yrs old and smoked for 40 years, my only regret is I started smoking again and the doctors didn't weren't particularly concerned about the damage to my lungs and also told me I did not have COPD which was odd. O smoke differently now...I only smoke half the cigarette and use 2 filters & I'm not on any medication so that must be a good sign 🤔

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PLEASE give them up. Emphysema is not trivial and it progresses as I can tell you as I nurse my bedbound hubby on maximum oxygen. Stop smoking, exercise regularly and I wish you well x


Give them up! You may feel a little rough for a few months but it will be the best thing you have ever done.

I gave up in 1992 and now I am losing 3% a year lung function.

Be Well


Give them up. Try an electronic one to help you if giving up is a major ask. My sister has COPD and used to smoke, she tried and succeeded giving up altogether. My sister is on oxygen 24/7 on giving cigs up even she feels better. So yes the damage is there but you don't have to exacerbate further.


Give them up!

I was diagnosed with severe emphysema in 2010.

I gave up the killer weed in 2001..

Had I still been smoking now,I wouldn't be here,they ain't worth it🙁

Good luck.



It's not the "weed/herb", that kills, it's tobacco.

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Sorry but nothing's a good sign if you smoke. Please take everyone's advice and quit.


You won't be 'giving' anything 'up' but you will gain a lot by stopping smoking, because believe everyone here, it won't get any easier & you'll save your health which is bound to get worse if you don't.


I am in my seventies and have severe Emphysema having smoked a pipe for most of my life. About ten years ago I was diagnosed and thought about cutting down on smoking, but the odd puff would not hurt. I was wrong! After two hospitalisation, PR and a deterioration of my condition I had to do something. I could not give up my pipe which I knew would eventually kill me so three years ago I started e-smoking and retired my pipe. Since then my condition has improved and now I believe that even one puff of tobacco is too many. VAT should be removed from e-cigs so it is cheaper than tobacco and encourage more smokers to change to e-cigs.

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Your assessment and your docs'....: Utter nonsense..., give the coffin nails up; say 'bye, bye' to the cancer sticks; stop being stupid.


Give it up completely. Half a ciggy = a whole one.



Hi I have never heard the term 'trivial emphysema' before. Usually the wording 'background emphysema' is used instead. This is a sign your lungs are becoming damaged and if you carry on smoking it will become copd.

It is a warning sign to stop the ciggies, eat more healthily, and take more exercise. In other words you need to look after your lungs and take them seriously. If you don't you not only run a much greater risk of getting copd but also accelerating the disease from very mild to severe quite quickly. Your disease might not progress that quickly whilst still smoking but it's far too late to change it if it does. Pack it in if you want to live a longer and healthier life.


The GP and the hospital consultant have washed their hands of me There isn't any treatment or medication for this

Copd is a condition where the lungs are severely damaged

Only my left lung is affected

Where it has collapsed and the tissue has died

Your correct smoking is the cause but that alone never deters a smoker from quitting What we need is a drug that prevents you getting withdrawal symptoms cause this is why we continue to smoke and I'm not talking about patches and the like cause they are a joke

Why do alcoholics get all health care Rehabs etc ? it's because smoking isn't dangerous to your health only to your lungs

And if people out there have never been a smoker they don't know or understand what it's like being addicted to nicotine

I have a friend who is 21 stone has arthritis of the knees and breathing problems and diabetes

Why ? Because she is addicted to food

Why do people out there say the same old things like give up the deadly weed etc

We know !

We're not stupid

We are addicts like every other type of addict

Unfortunately we enjoy smoking people forget this

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I’ve read many many posts here on this forum but your assessment of tobacco addiction is the best I’ve read regardless of the folks that actually said your posts were “stupid” I think you nailed it


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