Fluid on the lung

Hi! My elderly mum is in hospital with pneumonia and fluid on the lung. Every time I visit (she's been in since Thursday 31st Aug) she's struggling to breath and has an oxygen mask on. She's fighting multiple infections and is extremely sick and frail yet they won't drain her lungs until tomorrow (Monday) and I'm worried sick. Is this normal practice? I really scared that her heart will give out before they drain her lung.

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I do hope your dear mum will be ok. Thinking of you both. Love Bernadette xxx

Thank you for the kind words. Every little helps at this point. Love Karon x

A worrying time for you ..you say she's fighting multiple infections at the moment and if she's on antibiotics their possibly giving them a chance to work before intervening with insertion of a thoracic drain ..try not to worry too much sounds to me she's in the right place and being looked after as well as monitered .. Wishing her a speedy recovery xxxx

Thank you very much, that's helped to put my mind at rest because I've been so stressed out about it and I haven't slept. It's a scary to watch. I'm wound up because this is the result of her having to wait so long for an op to remove a blockage in her bladder. Given the fact that she's had lung problems before I'm angry that they've allowed it to get to this point and I'm worried about her heart going through so much strain xxx

Your welcome and fully understand your worries ..stress goes hand in hand with family when their ill especially your mum ...try to get some rest yourself and look after you to ..if the drains necessary they will insert one . Rest and be less stressful when you next visit and don't forget to eat lol wishing you both well keep us posted on things Angie xxxx

Thank you very much. Unfortunately when I went in at visiting time this afternoon two of the other patients on her ward informed me that she'd had a heart attack at 4am but it seems nobody could be bothered to ring me. I've spoken to a doctor and she is stable now but there are no words to describe how furious I am right now. She was complaining of a chest pain yesterday and I asked the nurse to check her heart but it wasn't done. I honestly think they have written her off due to her age.

Oh my lovley in so sorry to hear your bad news that's awful for you and your mum ...please accept my wishes for a speedy recovery and fingers crossed you get a resolve from this ...why didn't they call you xxx

Thank you so much Angie. They didn't call me because they forgot. I've had an apology from the nurse concerned and I've made it known how angry I am, they don't like me very much and I get glared at a lot but I wonder if how they would enjoy being in my shoes right now. Anyway, I'm seeing her consultant this morning so hopefully I will get more sense from them all. If I'm being honest I don't hold much hope. Thank you again for kind words, it really does help. Love and hugs, Karon xxx

Ring immediately and make an appointment to see the top administrator of the hospital and inform them (cordially) of your anger and that you want your mother to be given every opportunity to recover. If you can't get to see the Administrator go to the Complaints section of your hospital. Write down your points if you need to so that you say everything you want to say and by reading them people tend to stay calmer. Hand them a printed copy so that it is in writing. Do you have Enduring Power of Attorney or is you mother well enough to back you? Do you have other siblings who may back you up? Unfortunately age can be a factor in how rapidly and rigorously they help. By stating your position firmly and early, those who look after your mother will be more careful. Wishing you and your mother all the best and many blessings. By going to the top and having them filter down to doctors etc our wish for my mother's recovery certainly helped my mother and us in dealing with doctors.

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