Croup and bronchiectasis

Dear all

My grandson has just been diagnosed with croup and he's due to come to stay here next week. My instinct is it's best I cancel due to risk to me. Of course my immediate concern is for him as he's 20 months and is always getting chest problems , viral wheeze then ends up in hospital. However, I do need to know if I should cancel them next week as last year this time, he stayed here, had a runny nose and I ended up with a lung infection! I have bronchiectasis . Anyone know about this?


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Follow your instinct,I think its a complete no brainer as they say,Speak to parents and explain your predicament as neither you nor baby are going to gain from this encounter.As much as you want to see your grandson,both of your healths are at risk here and they need to accept this.Sorry to sound so severe but to me its just common sense,good luck......skis

Thank you skischool.. that's my instinct but as he's my grandson needed to hear it from someone else. They aren't actually staying in my house but ... though it sounds silly(!)...just down road as we live by the sea.. to give them privacy and not so tiring for me. They would be coming here lots though and I'd be looking after him so it's almost the same thing. X

I'm so very sorry, but I have to agree with skischool. 😟😟😟

Thanks Pam as well x

I would of thought that with your grandson having croup his parents wouldn't take him away from home. My son had croup as a baby and I wouldn't have taken him any ware. And you have to think of yourself.

Thank you! He's only just been diagnosed as they phoned 111 and were advised to take him to an out of hours doctor. He's due here in a week so haven't thought that far. It's me thinking ahead! I should learn though that us bronchs need to put our health first!! X

They give them prednisone type medication for croup these days but he still has the bronchiectasis. Perhaps the dr recommended that he stay at the seaside for a while .

Thanks Mardi. He doesn't have bronchiectasis but I do. X

I know it must be very hard for you but I think you ought to cancel next week's visit with your Grandson, then when he's recovered you will be well enough to have him for a visit, I hope his croup clears up quickly. Lilian xxxx

Thank you Lilian. It's helpful to know that you are all saying the same thing! X

It is very hard to say no to grandchildren, our saving grace is skype have to think of yourself firs,t.

Thank you Masteryoda. They have cancelled and I'm going to try and be very strict with seeing them in future if anyone has a virus...without feeling bad!! All the advice is that from my lovely fellow "broncos" on here so it's down to me to develop a tough strategy for the future. Worse if I'm laid up for weeks after with a virus then infection which has happened several times before. So advice to myself is .. " learn your lesson!!" Xx

I totally agree with the others Winter. Wont write more as they've said it all. Good luck :)

Thank you O2 x

Hi winter. As a grandmother who had a son who regularly had croup which I couldn't get away from I simply have to agree with everyone else. I never caught the croup but I did get virus infections from both of my kids and croup does develop from a virus.

I must say that both of my children know full well not to bring their own germs or those of their children anywhere near me.

Today this is your son's responsibility not yours. xx

Thank you little Pom. Everyone's being so helpful with all these replies! X

Best to be safe than sorry winter. Hope your Grandson feels better soon.

love cx

Thank you cofdrop. Hope all swell with you x

I'm in the minority here but I disagree. My little girl has had croup and many a runny nose and I've been fine. Once you wash your hands religiously etc you should be fine. I would however tell them you aren't able to mind him but a few little visits would be nice

Thanks infanning xx

I agree with nfanning. It seems a shame to spoil everybody's holiday. Maybe cut out the 'child minding' but go on outings in fresh air together, i'm sure everybody will benefit from this. Good luck and I hope the sun shines for you. Joy.

Thanks Joy. I will leave it up to them re staying in our caravan down the road as my husband can wipe surfaces after. Everyone is so helpful .... so touching! X

Children are bug factories! The only way I would consider this is to meet down on the beach in the fresh air and not have any direct/one-to-one contact with the child. The rest of the family need to learn the danger to you. At the best of times, children build up their immune systems with their own little infections but it's just at the time when the immune systems of grandparents are diminishing. They're a health hazard!

Thanks Claudine. Yes my consultant said " children are virus factories." Yes have decided that's the only way... in fresh air with distance.. if he's better x

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