BLF's Smart phone #battleforbreath campaign

Hi all,

Respiratory health is being neglected. Lung disease affects the lives of over 12 million people and costs the NHS billions each year. Yet, not enough progress has been made to tackle lung conditions. We need the government to support a plan to turn things around. We’re asking for your help throughout August to do this - and all you need is a smart phone.


Lung disease is the third biggest killer in the UK. Across the UK there are still wide variations in the care given to people with lung conditions like asthma, lung cancer, COPD, IPF mesothelioma and more. Despite this, governments in England and Scotland currently have no strategy for improving services and care for people with lung conditions. We want them to back our plans for a Taskforce for respiratory health - this means a group of healthcare professionals, policy makers and charities all working together to transform care and treatment for people living with a lung condition.

What we need you to do:

From Wednesday, 9 August from 9am. We want to see social media flooded with messages about the importance of tackling lung conditions throughout August using the hashtag #battleforbreath

Using a smart phone – and if you don’t have one, use a friends or neighbours! Post your personalised video messages to FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER. We would love to see the hashtag #battleforbreath trending in the first week.

Videos should be no longer than a minute long. In addition to this lots of messages, with photos attached, on Twitter explaining why you care about lung disease will encourage decision makers to take notice.

Thanks as always for your support folks! :-)

Best wishes,


BLF Admin


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11 Replies

  • oh dear. I don't do twitter. I tried to put the BLF Battle for breath campaign on to Facebook yesterday so that my Friends could share and email their MPs but the section where the photo should have been came through as a blank square. So a bit of a damp squib. I am sure that there are lots of us who would like to be part of the social media onslaught but we don't want our horrible old faces up there or are not as adept with these devices as you youngsters. Maybe you could come up with something that we can access and post easily?

  • Thanks for your feedback littlepom - and thanks for having a try, sorry it didn't work out! I've passed on your comments to our campaigns team so they can bear this all in mind

    Best wishes,


  • I don't do any social media Ben, not my thing but l support the campaign and anyone who takes part. Good luck.

  • Ok... will do. It's in my diary

  • Would do willingly but I don't do social media or twitter .... sorry xxx

  • Ben please can you pm me some contact details for you. I would love to chat to you offline re this campaign and my ideas for fundtaising too. Thanks

  • Thanks Joolz10 I've sent you a PM!

  • Hi Ben, could you put the poster/picture on BLF's Facebook page and then it could at least be shared by members who have FB accounts ?

  • Hi Billiejean_2 - yes absolutely - you can post on the BLF's facebook page and then you, or anyone else reading the BLF page, should be able to share the pictures!

  • Everything I share below or Ipf on facebook no one tages notice

  • Never have I or will I be a Twitter user. Likewise with facebook and Youtube. Social media apps /services are created to make individuals disgustingly rich by delving in to your life and lifestyle and selling gleaned information onwards to third parties. They act like malignant cancers.

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