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NOT Quite What Pulmonary Rehabilitation Will Disclose About Posture or " tortes head "


Well it's not really called tortes head but your posture can say a lot about your health.

When pulmonary rehab was talking about my head posture THEY failed to use proper terms making light of my head posture JUST told me to try sit strait with head shoulders back saying would help breathing.

Well here is proper terms used ... Dowager's hump or as I say tortes head WHEN your head is strait it weights 12 kg with Dowager's hump INCREASES 3 fold ALSO Dowager's hump is sign of osteoporosis AND number 1 cause of restrictive lung disease in women.

Usually men don't suffer from Dowager's hump unless have osteoporosis in family but as my dad was DX with osteoporosis I guess that explains neck pain my tortes neck and as for siting up straight easer said than done.

So next time you look in mirror or rubbing your neck pain might be worth a ask

After all prevention is better than cure

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