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I don't know what to do and I don't know what questions to ask my doctor?

I just got my oxygen sensor today, from 93 to 88 at rest I don’t know what to say my blood pressure right now is 170/66 with a heart rate of 59, my heart rate normally is 52 to 48.

Last night 158/53 hr 56 – 161/64 hr 49 also 136/60 3 day ago 147/117 hr 83 165 /114 hr 56

these are all blood pressure is at rest.

I was in a fifth for about two years before the doctors discovered with a heart rate of 150 at rest I had a cardiac conversion.

I had been seeing a lung doctor and my saturation rate at that time was 97.

I’m seeing a cardiologist tomorrow I just don’t know what to say.

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Argon,Nobody here can really give you the advice you want,fortunately you are seeing your cardiologist tomorrow and you have all your recent readings to hand.With regard to your sats although sats of 88 are not ideal there are many on this site who function relatively normally at those levels on air but obviously we do not have the expertise to advise you on that either,Try to stay calm and rest as best as possible until you see your consultant tomorrow.If you are still ill at ease follow whatever guidelines your GP has given you.good luck tomorrow.


thank you so much. let you know what up tomorrow.


I would ask to test your pulse oximeter against the one at the hospital. To check how accurate yours is. Also oxymeters have an habit of giving poor readings. I would ask to see the nurse specialist for advice on how to use it. Due to my arthritis I only seem to get a good reading on one of my fingers. Also having cold hands etc can affect readings.


Good luck for today, argon223 . Let us know how you get on.


I have been coughing for three years it comes and goes nothing help.

This time from March, I cannot lay down sometimes 10 minutes sometimes for one hour.

I have to rest going up one flight of stairs.

But my doctor cardiologists says I’m doing just fine. That saturation at 89 to 93 is nothing to worry about.

Thank you very much


I saw a cardiologist when I first had problems, and she diagnosed possible lung problems due to a slightly enlarged upper right chamber of my heart which showed up on one of the tests, probably the ultrasound rather than the chest x-ray. I then went back to my usual doctor who organised some respiratory tests for me and I was eventually diagnosed with moderate COPD. Now I get the meds I need to treat my symptoms and keep them to a minimum.

Do consider seeing a Pulmonologist now. It's quite a different medical discipline to cardiology.


Argon, if you are not seeing a Pulmonologist, you need to get an appt set. Sounds like you have issues getting oxygen throughout your system. Are your sat's lower when you are walking or doing something? What are your sat's when you first get to the top of the stairs? Again, please see a Pulmonologist in addition to your Cardiologist.

. Best Regards, judg69


thank you


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