Hi just posting to try to keep myself calm frank has gone in the bath he was going up earlier and then coming down for me but I said I would go up to bed whilst he had bath then changed my mind and said I would stay down and watch soaps whilst he had bath because I know the fear is overwhelming me and I need to try and fight it also today I have been having problems with the oxygen don't know how to explain it but can really feel it on my face the tubing that is thank you for listening x

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You can get soft tubing ask your provider, it does make a difference.

Although there is breathing exercises and meditation methods to help with your anxiety and stress. Don't be afraid to ask for medical help.

I know for my own experience aniexty and stress can make your wellbeing seem bleak. I still have odd days but overhaul I manage to do what I have to do, go out every day.

Thank you stone I will ask about the tubing I am on mitrazapine 45 mg but I honestly think I need something else whilst I was in hospital I was given sleeping tablets that gave me a couple of hours sleep and when I was discharged yesterday I asked if I could have some at home but Unfortunatley like my GP I was refused I think you do very well doing what you are doing wish I could be more like you

Hi time 2 drink...I hope you managed a few hours sleep.

you say you are trying to fight your anxiety and panic.....fighting it can reinforce the panicky feelings sometimes. Hard though it seems , try and accept how you feel and that can help stop the second rush of fear hormones surging through your body. Just watch how you feel, accept it and let it pass .

Much easier to write than do, but I had a book by Claire Weeks years ago, and she wrote about acceptance, and breaking out of the cycle of panic feeding more panic.

I have a 9.15 dental appointment for a filling, so I am trying to follow my own advice now.

Take care.

Hope your appointment went well I have ordered a book by Claire weeks that was reccomended to me by pam 1952 I am hoping it will help I realise you have gone through a lot of the things I am going through by your replies and I hope one day to be like you able to advise at the moment don't see a way forward for me take care

Try closing your eyes, relax if you can and visualise something calm e.g. white fluffy clouds, a sandy beach with gently lapping waves etc. It can help if you focus on gentle and pleasant things. Worth a try perhaps. Xxxx

Thank you I think in fact I know I don't allow myself to think of nice things because all of that seems in my past when I had a life worth having if you see what I mean xxx

Sorry your having problems with sleep, from experience it's horrible. The issue with sleeping tablets is that they are addictive and if you take them for long periods become useless. I find a talking book good for taking my mind off things. It allows me to escape to a different place and helps me relax.

That's what I use too. Concentrating on the story helps to stop the washing machine mind that would otherwise sabotage sleep. You can get speakers that hide under your pillow if you don't want to wear ear pieces.

Thank you I appreciate you replying yo me I am in such a state with myself it helps to have this forum to try and guide me to some healing

I just need my mind to stop whirling and to try to get a life worth living I know this but why can't I do something about it just do full of fear

Would relaxation music help there's some nice ones on YouTube Sam 🌻

Maybe will try it don't allow myself to relax I think

Do try it but when you relax try to think nice things. L just read that you like quizzes if you are on Facebook you get iots of them and I do them loads also jig saws on my iPad. I also watch quiz programms on tv. I try to fill my mind as much as possible with everything I can.

I went to a hypnotist a few years back who gave me a relaxation cd I never got past the first bit as I fell asleep the first bit was to imagine yourself in a beautiful room and in your mind furnish it as you would like, Wow you should see my room but I was always asleep before it was finished I still go to my room sometimes it's still the same but I get fed up that I can't finish it but it certainly works for me when nothing else will. I hope you have a good imagination it teals can help. Rosabeth

Should read really not teals sorry

Hi rosebeth sorry took time to reply my niece and her bloke turned up I. Made myself get up and put some clothes on now I have found out my brother and sister in law coming but really I am not in a good place I can see you have a lot of problems health wise and I think you are very brave .I wish I could get my anxiety levels down it is causing me such distress and just feel useless and worthless to the point that I wish I could just go to sleep forever if I can't get this under. Control. .On Friday I have been asked to go to the local hospice they are having a once weekly course for 4 weeks called be in charge hoping I will find the strength in me to go .I am not on Facebook but I do like quizzes like you been lovely to correspond with you take care x

I find the only thing to do with panic is to find something to do to give myself something else to think about I have Ben known to clean the windows that I only did yesterday but cleaning windows gives me things to look at and I find it can get very entertaining I soon forget what I was panicking about. My remedy for not sleeping is to read a book I always fall back to sleep before long and often sleep later making up the time I was awake. Back to what you see out of the window the other evening we had a fox on our garage roof John saw it and called softly for me but it still heard him and was gone by the time I got there. I feed the birds up there as I don't want to encourage them I need the garden as I have cats they are house cats but we let them out with us in the garden and if a bird came near the cats would be off and we would be minus a few birds. Keep well Rosabeth

Hi rose Beth are you on oxygen if you don't mind me asking . .I understand what you are saying about distraction but i am ashamed to say that i do nothing all day or night except lie in bed or sit in armchair to frightened to move at this moment I am laying in bed soaking with persperition and got my husband to stay in bed longer I am basically just a shell of who I was and I have told my husband that I do not feel alive being on oxygen kept alive artificially so you see I am just totally lost x

Hello Time -to-Drink. No I don't mind you asking, I am not on oxygen yet I have had asthma most of my life but treated for bronchitis as I coughed but didn't wheeze I was in my forties before correct diagnosis. I now have a scarred lung and am continually very breathless and no energy at all but strangely my ox levels are still in the mid to low 90'S I have other issues being diabetic and terminal cancer I also have a bad foot which makes it hard to walk far. I am determined to make the best of what I have and though it's very hard at times to "put on a happy face" and there are days when I don't succeed I still try to pick up the pieces and try again. I have a husband who is very good at helping me and without him I would be lost. I do really understand how you feel and wish I could cheer you up but we are all different and we all deal with our problems in a different way. I also know how ever much worse someone else it doesn't make you feel better. Sometimes it can even make you feel worse. You know the old saying about two men looked out from prison bars, one saw mud, the other stars. I try to see stars but occasionally I do see the mud. I hope you can try to see a few stars. Take care appreciate your husband. Best wishes Rosabeth

Hi Rosebeth seems like you also have a very caring husband I know I make life hard for mine at times but I don't want to once again I have to say you are a very brave lady and I admire how you cope with what you have to xx

Hi TtoD. Very glad you had some visitors that made you get dressed. I made a colossal effort on a very cold day to go to my daughters shop now I wish I hadn't as I have a bad neck and hunching against the cold made it worse. But the effort was worth it as time spent with family and friends is time you aren't brooding. I am not brave just stubborn I refuse to give in. I am determined to get as much as I can in the time I have left. My daughter rings me every morning with the greeting " Get out of bed you lazy thing" it doesn't work I still don't get up until I want to she then rings me two or three times during the day to see what I am doing. I also am sure I lead my poor husband a merry dance and I don't make things easy for him.

I am also a shadow of my former self but I am what I am and just have to get on with it at least John doesn't have trouble keeping up with me now. I think he found me hard work then and I am still hard work only in a different work. It is a second marriage for both of us, nearly 37 years but I dragged him to dancing lessons, bought a motor caravan and dragged him all over the country then dragged him all over the world, not in the van, then on retirement I dragged him off to Spain where we lived for 12 years only returning to the U.K because of my health I think he would have preferred to stay but I wanted to be nearer family because if he is left alone he would have struggled as he could not speak much Spanish we also lived half way up a mountain so had to drive l had a little Smart car which I missed so much when we came back so last year I bought another one I ddont use it much but it is there when I do need it and it's my independence and it makes me feel good just knowing it's there. Well I expect I have tired you out rabbiting on.. I hope you sleep well. Take care Rosabeth.

Hi rosebeth no you haven't tired me out nice hearing your news it sounds like you have had a exciting life plenty of great memories I bet from time abroad one of my big regrets is I never learnt to drive hope your neck is a little better well a lot better i meant to say your daughter sounds a very caring person and I sure she pleased you went to her shop also you to have lovely husband xxx

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