Oxygen levels

Oxygen levels

I don't know if this is normal but does your oxygen levels go down heart rate goes up if you walking.. Will I"m waiting to get better been walking the beach and level area's and when I told the Dr how many miles I was doing her eye's pop and said no no more than 4klm. I don't know what to do just sit here or should you go for walks. Does it make things worse ... Just found out I'm Pre copd I think if you just sit around things could get worse. I"m I wrong don't know.......This is were we keep our sailboat in Chester NS starting to miss back home.

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  • Keep moving as long as possible is my understanding.

    It is a frightening illness, but I am sure people on here with more knowledge than me will be able to advise you better.

    Also I find the respiratory nurses tend to be more knowledgable than most.

    Good luck.


  • Today made it up the hill to the Hotel I didn't stop first time in five days things must be getting better hope to fly out on Wed....

  • Hi my oxygen level goes down and my heart rate goes up when i walk you are doing brilliant with your walks hope you get home soon

  • I found that out this vacation I never walked around with my tools . I would stop catch my breath wait for my heart rate to go down. But I really didn't until know it shows how well your doing. Tonight made it up the hill with little effects so looks like I might be able to fly out.....

  • If you don't have any other underlying health problems then I would say carry on with the walking, 4km is a respectable distance and meets the daily recommended amount of exercise to stay fit. COPD, in itself, should not limit how far you go, just remember you also need to have the capability to get back as well.

  • keep moving is my advice but listen to your body and your nurse :)

  • Just did my 4000m walk, checked my spo2 sats every 5 minutes never dropped below 95%. My pulse never went above 110. At a pace of 550m every 6 minutes I find that my body can meet all it's Oxygen needs. The course includes 600m hill which is when my pulse went up and my saturations lowered slightly however as the accuracy of the oximeter is plus or minus 3% a reading on the move is not all that accurate.

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