Good morning everyone. Not posted for 2 day's, been a little tied up. Just wanted to ask, does anybody else have the chills of an evening. My heating is set to come on if the temperature drops below 21 degrees yet I'm cold and shivery on an evening. I'm finding this a little disturbing. I do not have a lot of weight behind me, to keep me warm, and fear I may be coming down with something. I don't usually get coughs and colds or infections , so will not recognise the signs. Any help would be gratefully received. Hope I find you all fighing fit this morning.

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  • Hi. U sound like me lol. My family say I've no blood in me as I am always cold. Even when heating is on. I wrap up in dressing gown and throw as well.

    It's funny heat goes for me. I work as a home support assistant and my clients have heating on full blast which makes me uncomfortable I find it hard to breath .yet I am cold no win situation really.

  • Hi, yes I get the chills at night, usually have to put the heating on around 5.30. I thought it was only me. Take care 😊 xxx

  • Unfortunately for me Damon, you aren't the only one. I do get the seats as well, but some would say that's the menopause. Lol.

  • Hi I am having awful time with chills and also sweats have heating on 23 most of day and night have dressing gown and covers on off on off. Just got our first gas and electric bill since I got oxygen in December it is double the norm i have also lost lots of weight which doesn't help I have lost all meat of hips so o know what you mean take care by the way this has been going on since January take care x

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