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High Pollution Warning

Copied from DEFRA Website:

Latest forecast

Issued at 23/01/2017 11am


Many places across the UK are experiencing High and Very High levels of air pollution due to the continuing high pressure and associated light winds. High and Very High levels are expected to continue throughout today across England, South Wales and Northern Ireland. In Scotland, levels are expected to remain Low.


Many places across England and Wales will continue to experience High air pollution levels due to the continuing light winds. Very High levels are possible again, mainly across southeast, central and eastern England. Pollution levels in Northern Ireland will remain elevated but will reduce through the day as winds increase. In Scotland pollution levels will remain Low.


Light winds and foggy conditions are expected to continue through Wednesday, especially across southern and eastern parts of England. This will lead to the ongoing risk of areas of Moderate air pollution levels, along with some High levels. Meanwhile, across the north and west, increasing winds should lead to air pollution returning to Low levels. These Low levels should spread to all parts during Thursday and Friday.

Please see the DEFRA Website for further information, and also where you can enter your post code to find out the level in your area.

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My area Warrington is 3 till Wednesday then down to 2 Thursday/Friday

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WheezyAnne in reply to stone-UK

You lucky thing. The level where I am is 6 today which is classed as Moderate, and the guidelines for that is to reduce physical exercise and not go out,. I am wheezing,. But not too tight. Down to 4 tomorrow in my area. I need to be a bit careful.

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WheezyAnne in reply to stone-UK

Level 1 to 3 are classed as low, and no particular action is needed (according to DEFRA). Levels 4 to 6, are classed as Moderate, and says reduce activity outdoors. I am not going out until it is back to 3, and I am making sure I take my meds. I wondered why I was wheezy today, now I know level 6 in Huntingdonshire.

Mine is 2 today and showing 3 for tomorrow I live in Edinburgh

Thank you WA, it had been bad here today but we have stayed inside. Just need to pop out quickly tomorrow morning the indoors again. Pete is at the Brompton on Wednesday, transport permitting so that's not good but not a lot can be done about that.

Tale care everyone. Xxxxx

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WheezyAnne in reply to sassy59

Hi,make sure he has any inhalers he takes with him, and even a little fan as he will be inside most of the time. As you say, not much more you can do.

I have warned my daughter as London is very bad and she cycles into work.

Yes, they said on the news that London was High. Anyone around there needs to be careful, make sure they take their regular meds, and have their rescue meds with them if they have a lung problem, and stay I doors if they can.

Even healthy people need to take things easy at that level.

Glad to hear you have told her.

Mine is 3/4 and that's ok. x

It's certainly a bit miserable at the moment for most of us- not in Scotland obviously- bright sunshine and fluffy little clouds scudding across the sky in a light breeze - isn't it Tam? aberdeenman

Here is a little light relief for us all. I hope you enjoy it.


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