Sick pay confused

Right I am confused over this, I have been told that I have to provide a fit note after seven days sickness. These seven days include weekends. I have been told I am entitled to sick pay after three days but not for any sat or sun. They are saying that although I went sick on Friday , Saturday & Sunday will not count as sick days so my first three sick days will be Friday, Monday, Tuesday so I will only get sick pay from Wednesday . Am I the only one confused ???

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  • Hi

    For as long as I can remember it as always been the working five day week.

    Monday to Friday is recognised as the working week.

    Saturday and Sunday being extra.

    Sick pay is paid on five day bases, unless you have different agreement with your employer.

  • I'm sorry I can't help I have a better chance of understanding how Mr m works 😞

  • Hi as I understand it the rules state that the first 3 days of any illness are disregarded in calculating sick pay. It's always been the case when I worked. x

  • yes but if you are ill again within 18 weeks you have already done your waiting days. I could never understand how it worked. XXX

  • hi no one gets paid for the first 3 days and you self certificate for the first week, if you work weekends and your first day sick is a Friday, then Friday, Saturday and sunday count as your 3 days.

  • What ever the answer is we do not win. The system is stacked against us to give us less money.

  • Hi yes stone is correct, waiting time is 3 working days, working meaning mon-fri


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