Hi all , as off posting last week that my spiro tests wasn't in keeping with COPD, I was back to hospital today to be told that after 11years of haveing COPD that my new Dr says that I have severe asthma apparently very little difference between the two same mess etc. She now wants to take my case to the board of other Drs for there opinion as to be sure, she may also want another ecg as last one was 6years ago, . I'm so confused I don't no if I'm coming or going, can anyone throw any light on this

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  • Thanks for your reply interesting reading

  • Hi I know this is a shock but be grateful that you don't have COPD. I know you have been told it's severe asthma instead, but at least this is reversible with meds. COPD is progressive and usually gets worse over time. x

  • Hi thanks for your reply. I'm am very relieved to hear that it's asthma and not COPD I'm so glad I have this new doctor

  • It's very confusing to believe you have one condition for so many years and then be told it is something else! However, as coughalot2 says, asthma is reversible with medication so, if you have to have lung condition, it's the more manageable one and isn't progressive. Hopefully, your new doctor will get the information he/she needs to be able to give you a definite diagnosis and advise treatment.

    Good luck,

    xx Moy

  • Hi Moy thankyou for your reply .

  • Hi Beethoven. Your post confirms what I have always thought - COPD is a convenient blanket term to cover a multitude of conditions. I allegedly have COPD and asthma though I started off with just an asthma diagnosis in 2002. Have never seen a consultant, never had a chest X-ray - just the yearly GP clinic and prescribed inhalers. I now tend to just smile wearily at them and carry on doing my own thing which includes Vicks if I feel snuffly and Olbas Oil on my pillow.

  • Great idea thankyou

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