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Dad DIES 10 months after Job Centre bosses told his doctor not to write any more sick notes

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Is SHOCKING but who is worse ?

In my opinon HE's GP clearly as when sick YOU are in under there care.

A seriously ill dad died just 10 months after Department for Work and Pensions bosses advised his GP not to write any more sick notes for him.

James Harrison had been declared “fit for work” and should not get medical certificates, the letter said.

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That's shocking. The system is clearly very flawed. 😠😠😠

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So very wrong JAS and l feel for his family left behind. Xxxx

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There was a similar case on the Sister Rita to the Rescue TV programme, which was on recently.

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I was just going to say that lol! They got in touch with the DWP who said it was an error and his doctor could continue with the sick notes!

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What a disgrace

1. What can the DWP possibly know about lung conditions to make these decisions? All of us who have been through assessments know that their assessors are completely ignorant of their affects.

2. The DWP and the GP did not follow the statutory requirements. The poor man could not appeal against a decision which he had no knowledge of.

3. The GP is totally culpable as the letter states that he can give sick notes if the man's condition deteriorated or he had a different condition. Did the GP not notice tha he was dying! He should be struck off.

Excuse me whilst I spit barbed wire!!!


So hard sometimes to understand why people aren't up in arms over the treatment of sick and disabled people in this country... then I remember the language that politicians use to describe out of work (for whatever reason) people, the countless headlines and stories in the press and, the vomit inducing programmes on Ch 5 that portray us all as lazy layabouts and scroungers and I understand it a little bit better... What happened to this poor man should require some kind of answers and justice for his family - sadly both the dwp and the gp will probably just continue as usual... Shocking!


How disgraceful,are they that desperate to get the unemployed numbers down. And the doctor knows better than they do if a person is fit for work. Why don't we all save them lots of trouble and go back to how it was in the 1800's if you haven't got anything then tough on you. Maybe then they will be satisfied. Sorry for going on but it's what I think,it's disgraceful the way the ill and underprivileged are treat these days. Shame on the job centre. God bless his family who have to live with


Totally agree with you Jeff, there have been many cases of this nature where a GP is overidden by DWP, it must be so sad for the families to suffer this indignity followed by death. I don't think health and finances should be mixed after all the DWP is there to check you fulfil criteria for financial help not decide wether the GP is right or wrong. While GPs are there to care for your medical needs, if the two must meet then careful consideration should be given to all facts. I think someone independent should weigh up all the facts in disputed cases at least. They never seem to take into account the effects of disabling health conditions only the diagnosis and how you are on a specific day, there is a vast difference between being fit for work and being a disabled person due to health matters. Could go on but we know it wont change a"dot". Hows your father today much more comfortable I hope ?, and yourself take care have a good day .x


Disgraceful people, how do they sleep at night.


Not at all impressed by a GP who allows non-medically qualified DWP to dictate his treatment of a patient.


So very very sad - life is so cheap for some heartless idiots

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They are evil but people do what they say for some reason ? My Mam was signed off she had emphysema she died six weeks later, but nothing was done, I really feel for your family,


I read this most shocking story,,,and was totally disgusted,,,who the blazes are job centre staff to tell a doctor to stop giving sick notes,,,,and what the help was a doctor doing taking notice of job centre staff ???,,,,a doctor's job is to do what is best for the patient,,,not the jc,,,does this gp need to be reported to the powers that be,,,for failing his patient,,,and since when are jc staff medically qualified ???,,,,a very full investigation into this appalling situation is needed and should be pursued to the utmost level,,,,this level of unqualified interference into medical matters,,should not be allowed to be forgotten,,,, ttfn from Karen.

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Since when has the job centre been a qualified doctor , sue the ***** them .


I guess the DWP instructs the Job Centre staff.


Disgusting. My partner has a very rare condition called primary orthostatic tremor. His legs and arms are in constant tremor. If he goes out he has to plan his route so he can find a wall which he can lean against. He found himself on the floor numerous times and I am heartbroke watching him-he feels so humiliated. Anyway he was checked out and declared fit for work? He asked the woman at the job centre what she thinks he can do. Maybe a brain surgeon or a tightrope walker.

We went to court and the judge said he didn't have a tremor!

He now has to sign on and actively apply for work. This will heap even more humiliation on him when he has to go for an interview. This country have got things so wrong, its actualy cruel what they are doing to him. Sorry your dad passed away. The government need to listen to these cases, but don't have much hope it will change son.

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